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Modern Balcony Planters: The Space Savvy Solution for Small Gardens

Modern Balcony Planters: The Space Savvy Solution for Small Gardens

A home is the reflection of every owner’s personality and the way we arrange the interior can speak volumes about us, based on the furnishing style chosen, the decorative items, as well as the ways they are arranged and organised. The same goes for the exterior, starting with our gardens. Sadly, the fast pace of living has taken its toll on traditional houses so more people now live in smaller spaces where there isn’t exactly enough room for a yard, let alone a garden. However, you needn’t have to have a mansion with a yard enough to fit a whole sports team to be able to have your own garden and surround yourself with greenery.


With so many technological advancements, it’s safe to say we live in an era of inventions. Having a population that is growing fast, it’s becoming sort of an issue to live in crammed cities especially. This is a reason enough for people to come up with space savvy solutions. In this aspect, gardening has also undergone considerable changes from what it used to be decades and centuries ago that nowadays you will find gardeners of all kinds. Urban gardeners represent all the gardening aficionados who don’t let any living area compromise their dream of growing their own plants, so small gardens, even in the size of a balcony, are becoming a trend.


If you’ve always wanted to have your own green spot but had space in the way, this is your chance to use your balcony for upgrading your green thumb skills. Considering it’s small, you certainly don’t want to have pots and plants all around that it ends up looking like a little jungle, so choosing the adequate planter is essential. There are so many different varieties of modern over balcony planters you will come across, the most convenient ones being self-watering. Not only do these planters look stylish and will give your balcony a chic transformation, but they’re also low maintenance and time-saving.

Their usefulness comes from the built-in reservoir that is filled in once the level indicator shows low water level. The plants use up water from the reservoir through natural capillary process so you don’t have to do the watering yourself and fret whether you’ve forgotten to do it as often as needed. These modern over balcony planters will let you say goodbye to your watering chores and still keep the greenery as lively as ever. Since they are made of materials that are corrosion and UV resistant, you won’t have to worry of letting them out in the sun and rain. If you have a slightly bigger balcony, you can use their connecting hoses and interconnect more planters together.

Look up flowers and herbs you would love to have around, plant them and watch them grow with your love and the watering of the planters. You will soon have the garden that takes breaths away.

Stephanie Tierney