Our Tips for Choosing the Best Baby Accessories for Your Little One -
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Our Tips for Choosing the Best Baby Accessories for Your Little One

Our Tips for Choosing the Best Baby Accessories for Your Little One

You’re probably well equipped with all the big essentials if you’re expecting a baby soon. You have a crib, clothes, diapers, blankets and toys for the little one. But what about the small details and baby accessories? They can be as crucial as the cradle or the clothes. They can be very practical, help you stay organised or protect your baby from hazards. Because every parent experiences some difficulties while managing the everyday tasks around their baby, some of these accessories can be a lifesaver.

Pram Organiser

Pram organizer close up filled with baby accessories
source: Pinterest by SoYoung.ca

Not every pram has a storage compartment where you can easily access your items. Even those who do, are sometimes limited in capacity. A pram organiser can provide much-needed storage for your baby’s clothes, essentials and accessories while on the go. These essential baby clothing accessories are designed to hang from the handles of your pram, so you can have everything close to you right when you need it.

When buying a pram organiser, consider the weight of the pram you own. If it’s light, then the weight of the organiser might tip it back if you have many items inside. If you own a double pram, you’ll need to double the organiser as well. Always choose durable and adjustable straps to keep it in place. Most of the organisers come with a Velcro strap, but if it’s not strong and keeps falling off the pram, it can be very annoying and won’t be of much help.

Another thing to consider is the ease of maintenance. The milk or juice bottle will often tip over and make a mess. Your coffee can spill, and crumbs are a frequent visitor in the organiser. That’s why it’s important that the material is machine-washable, easy to clean and dry.

Dummy Holders

dummy holder on pram handle close up
source: ohdearbaby.no

Dummies are one of those infant accessories that can get easily misplaced. Buying a dummy holder, such as a pacifier clip, will save you money in the long term. You’ll reduce the number of dummies that you lose or damage. Metal or plastic dummy holders need to be of excellent quality. They have a beaded or fabric strap to keep them on for ease and convenience. It is difficult for parents to constantly search for missing dummies and then wash them after picking them up from the floor. Here are some things to consider when you’re buying dummy holders.

Strap Fabric

When selecting a dummy holder with a strap, choose a sturdy fabric and machine washable. Materials such as cotton or polyester will do the trick. They’re easy to maintain and clean. Some straps even have a holder that’s braided from the same material. It looks cute and can be one of the best baby clothing accessories you have.

Teething Beads

Some dummies come with a beaded teether. Manufacturers use wood or, more typically, food-grade silicone to make the beads. Both are safe to chew on and will provide teething relief for your infant. Ensure your teething dummy holder is safe for your little one; always check if it contains certified, non-toxic materials.

Retractable Cord

Some dummies can have a retractable cord. This feature can be useful and practical if you need to fasten the dummy to the pram or anywhere on the baby’s clothing. They can extend up to 25cm, but you should be careful because sometimes they can be a choking hazard for the baby.


A cute little box that can hold the dummy and keep it clean is always welcomed by mums. You can store the dummy together with the clip inside, and you’ll know where to find it next time you want to use it. Plus, it’ll keep it clean and away from insects and dust.

Crawling Mat

smiling baby on crawling mat looking at camera
source: northstatesind.com

Crawling mats can be very useful not just for you but also for your baby. It’s a place where one can learn some life skills and have fun at the same time. It’s good for babies to spend time on their bellies to grow and develop. They will reach for toys, learn to crawl and develop hand-eye coordination. It’s a germ-free environment for them to move freely. Mats are always made from soft materials and don’t have sharp edges so the baby won’t get hurt.

Look for waterproof materials that are easy to clean because you might get some spills. It shouldn’t be slippery when the baby crawls and must be durable to withstand years of playtime for the baby and the family. Plus, they come in many colours, shapes and designs so that you can match them with the baby’s room no matter the interior.

Pram Mosquito Net

Just as there are many types of prams, there are many types of mosquito nets to fit them all. Determine the type of pram you’ll be covering first. Not all netting can accommodate a double pram, and some are too broad to adjust to a single one. That’s why you must first choose the pram and then the netting. The next step is to determine your budget. Pram nets are pretty inexpensive, but you may want to buy more than one, depending on your budget.

Finally, you should consider how you intend to use it. Do you walk every day? Do you enjoy jogging? Perhaps you’ll only need it on occasion. You may choose a fabric stroller net over nylon or decide that you want more than one net because you intend on using it more frequently. Knowing all of this will make your choice much easier.

Stephanie Tierney