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You can choose pink wallpaper and create a unique interior aesthetic, whether it’s in your living room, bedroom or the kid’s room.
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Simple Ways to Level Up Your Home Interior


Simple Ways to Level Up Your Home Interior

When moving into a new home or redecorating the old one, it’s the time when dreams come true – from your choice of furniture to walls, floors, accessories and more. You want to bring a new vibe and freshness into your life and create a cosy and inviting living space. If you do it well, you’ll end up with a great looking home interior that’s reflecting your sense of style. Here are some ideas that can help you decorate your space in a way that will brighten up the area and create a calming environment where you can relax after a long, stressful day.

Add Uniqueness with Your Choice of Wallpaper

pink wallpaper


Wallpapers used to be the most famous treatments used in the past and over the years, printing and manufacturing processes have developed and they are gaining back their popularity these days. That’s amazing for a few reasons, such as simple and easy installation and a variety of wallpapers you can choose from and make a unique statement in your home space.

Choosing the right wallpaper can make any room look bigger, warmer or brighter and hide wall imperfections as well. The colour you pick can set the mood in a room. Pink wallpaper can be a great solution for your home as it can make a space look larger and the ceiling higher, but also it suggests tranquillity.

This colour is often seen as the feminine or romantic choice, but not necessarily. While smooth, warm light pink might be sugary, a cooler, light powder pink appears grown-up and sophisticated and a dark pink adds more weight to the interior. You can choose pink wallpaper and create a unique interior aesthetic, whether it’s in your living room, bedroom or the kid’s room.

The choice is vast and you can play with your creativity and decorate your space the way you’ve always wanted. You can opt for contemporary designs in fun and subtle patterns or more traditional patterns in rose and cream palettes that can give the room a neutral feeling. Accented by grey, green or brown, the pink can become part of your décor rather than the focus.

Pink is a great way to perk up a room. If you’re worried that you might end up overdoing it with the pink colour scheme, you can select a patterned wallpaper in a few colours, including pink and pick up the pink tones in surrounding interior details. Pink and green are a great match and should most definitely be seen together, so you may consider adding some plants and see how well they work.

Freshen Up Your Home with Plants


Source: Greenlife

There are many different ways to sneak nature into your home environment, however, the most important one is with plants. Including a healthy dose of plant life in any room of your house is beneficial for your health and wellbeing. They add to the aesthetic value of your place, but also, plants can help reduce toxins in the air and improve air quality.

But living in this busy world, many of us are forgetting to do some important things in our daily routine. We set reminders to take our medicine, buy some basic supplies, or call someone we haven’t talked to in a while. And still, we fail to complete simple tasks, like watering our plants.

Long working hours detach us from our flowers and home plant, but self watering planters offer a solution to this problem. They are the newest invention in planters and can make watering your plants a simple and enjoyable task. You can easily grow most of the plants you love and get to know their habits and particular needs.

These planters provide a lot of benefits for the plants, including nutrient soil retention and water conservation. The excess amount of water is used gradually and the closed system retains the nutrients within the soil environment.

You can choose from a wide range of sizes and designs and find the ones that fit perfectly in your living space. You can select self watering planters that feature a simple and sleek design to add to the stylish look of your home. Feel free to combine units and create a fresh and vivid environment where you can unwind after a long day.

When deciding where to place your plants, make sure there is proper lighting in the area. The best thing about these planters is that they can be relocated easily, so you won’t have to worry about moving them to another corner of your home if needed.

Bring the Space Together with Modern Rugs



Once you’ve set up the tone of your home with pink wallpapers and plants, it’s time to accessorise and enhance colours, patterns and textures. Modern floor rugs are some of the most preferred accessories as they can bring the entire space together effortlessly. They embody the creative whims and inspirations of their designers and can create a casual improvised sensibility in your living space.

Your choice of rugs can complement the texture and tones of the existing décor scheme in your living space. While it entirely depends upon your personal preferences, you can try using contrasting patterns with your sofa and rugs, or match your rug with the throws and decorative cushions.

Modern rugs are characterised by the presence of contrasts and bold uses of colours as well as geometric and free-form elements. Geometric patterns are a popular choice lately and can make a big statement in any space. Depending on your style, you can opt for floral, tropical or striped patterns as well. You can mix patterns, but try not to select more than three different patterns in a room.

You can choose from a variety of colours and styles, from bright and bold to organic and neutral, and bring a fresh vibe and personality to any room. Most commonly, they are available in rectangular and round shapes, so you can find the most suitable modern floor rugs for your home interior. To narrow down your search, make sure you decide what size area rug you need.

Placing the rug carefully can make any room feel warmer and cosier. You can place it in the centre of the room or layer several rugs if you’re working with an open-concept space. The layered rug look is becoming more popular these days and it’s an amazing way to have fun with styles and textures.

Stephanie Tierney