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You can buy beautiful glass lolly jars and either keep it simple or go all-in by creating an elaborate composition.
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Some Lovely Finishing Touches for a Unique Wedding

Some Lovely Finishing Touches for a Unique Wedding

There’s a lot of little and big things that can affect the final outcome of a wedding. It’s like a huge machine, and even the smallest elements, like the choice of candy jars or cookie jars, can play an important part and can potentially be just the thing that makes your wedding stand out. In fact, finishing touches can offer some of the best decorative, fun or photo opportunities for your special day.

Create an Eye-Catching Lolly Buffet

Wedding lolly buffet


The most important flavour of any ceremony that celebrates love and care is sweet. And while the crown of the sweets is, of course, the wedding cake, candies, biscuits, lollies, etc., are a great way to make things even sweeter. Even though it’s a simple thing, accentuating the sweet flavour of your wedding party by creating a lovely lolly buffet can be the ideal finishing touch for your wedding. Lolly buffets are certainly a crowd-pleaser and they are easy and fun to decorate.

There are many ways to go about it, and they can be the hit of your wedding – both for the kids and the adults. You can buy beautiful glass lolly jars and either keep it simple or go all-in by creating an elaborate composition. The best thing about choosing to create a lolly buffet is that it doesn’t have to be very costly to look good. You can get cheap candy buffet jars, and you can get creative and decorate them with things you already have at home, or simply use colourful lollies in unique shapes as decoration.

If you want to save money, you can also make the sweets yourself, or have a friend or a relative do it for you, if you know they are skilled. Aside from using lollies, you can also add some healthy snacks with natural sugar substitutes or some seasonal and fresh fruits. This can also both save you money and make your wedding a little bit more unique.

Regardless of how you decide to decorate your lolly buffet and what you decide to include in it, the important thing is to make one that will please both your guests’ sights as well as their taste buds. Decorate it like you would a side table at home. Play with the heights of the candy jars, play with the colours, complementing the wedding theme, maybe fill small candy boxes for your guests, and especially for the kids – to protect your glass lolly jars or your cupcake stands from their playful and lolly-loving hands.

Elegant Centrepieces

Wedding table centrepiece


Centrepieces don’t have to be some expensive complex arrangements. If you want to go for something simpler, or you don’t want to spend too much money on them, there are many classic wedding accessories that can help you. One simple and cheap way to create a sophisticated, minimalist centrepiece is to get a nice simple vase for each table, or even a cookie jar and use it as a vase. Beautiful candles and candle holders offer even more decorative options, that can work beautifully for a wedding, both for centrepieces and for decorating other areas.

There are of course many other items you can use for centrepieces, but the most important thing is to make them look elegant, not too overwhelming, and to match the wedding theme. Mix centrepiece elements of different heights for added interest to the table decoration and make space feel more elegant and fuller, yet not overcluttered.

Furthermore, make sure that you take the table shape into account. Round tables are perfect for a single centrepiece, while a square one may allow for more or bigger decorations. Rectangular tables on the other hand look best with multiple centrepieces.

Allow for Fun Photo Opportunities

Fun wedding photo


Weddings are full of things to photograph, places where people like to take selfies, people they want to take pictures of, etc. And, with all the smartphones, if you gather everything you may have your entire wedding from beginning to end photographed. So why not use this to your advantage?

And out of all those photos, not all of them will be actually good, but with a little bit of imagination and some wedding accessories, your guests can take album-worthy photos. Then, you can simply create a hashtag for your wedding, and have them stored all in one place. Anything you incorporate in your wedding, whether it’s the cake, the flowers, the lolly buffet, the centrepieces, the overall decor of the venue…, can serve as a good background for a photo. Nevertheless, it’s can be more interesting and unique to get matters into your own hands.

For instance, you can get wedding umbrellas for the guests. Umbrellas can be great fun for photos. They can be used to create stunning shots, to create beautiful shadows, a romantic atmosphere etc. More skilled guests can also use them to take better pictures if the sun’s too bright for example. Of course, wedding umbrellas can also be a great addition to your wedding in terms of making sure that everything goes smoothly – in case it rains or if the sun is too strong.

Ian Tompson