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Strategic Business Planning: Your Business’ Success Climbing

Strategic Business Planning: Your Business’ Success Climbing

There is an old saying that a well organized job is half way finished. And there is a lot of truth behind that. Strategy and planning are important in every aspect of life, even when you play games. In fact, here is a classical example from the popular massively multiplayer online game World Of Warcraft of how things can go south pretty fast if you don’t stick to a plan. If you make a mistake in a game, you just have to face all the name-calling from your friends and than you start over. But, real life is a little more unforgiving to say the least.

Despite all the misconceptions that strategic business planning is for small companies, in reality both small and big businesses can greatly benefit from this practice. What strategic planning actually means is understanding your company’s current position in the market, setting future goals, and coming up with strategic methods of reaching those goals. Of course, you can do that all buy yourself, or you can safe yourself the time and company resources by hiring professional consultants that will provide an objective view on your company, use a systematic process custom tailored for your company, and develop action-based strategic plans to point your company in the right direction and ensure long term growth. A business should also include short term goals in order to cope with the fast-changing market.


There are a number of immediate benefits that come with strategic business planning.

First of all with strategic planning you take on a proactive role in your future. Yes, it is true that you can’t predict any situation that many occur in the future, but you can make certain decisions and be ready to react to the ever changing market and come out victorious instead of being a victim of circumstances.

Establishing a general direction provides a base from which you can measure the progress of your company and establish boundaries for effective decision making.
Ensuring that your businesses will last long by having a solid foundation and not relying on chance and opportunity. Statistics show that one out of three businesses that were at the top of their industry are very little likely to be around in the future. This is why it is very important to have a clear focus.

With focused planning, you will uncover a lot of information regarding the customers, market conditions, product demands, and so on, which will help you make the right decisions and eventually increase profitability and market share.

Another benefit that comes with planning is the increased satisfaction from your job. Having a goal gives you and your employees the motivation the show up to work every day and feel as a part of the team. This will also lead to increased productivity and more innovative ideas.

Ian Tompson