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Tandem Trailers 101: Haul Heavier Loads with Ease

Tandem Trailers 101: Haul Heavier Loads with Ease

Transporting goods is the base of every industry in this world, be it by sea, air or land, transport provides great economic value. Many markets depend on it, even during these trying times. If it weren’t for transport and its benefits, we wouldn’t have all the things we have today, not only on our plates, but everything we place in our pockets, attach to our jackets or put on our feet. Transport helps reduce the rigours of certain production factors, and it makes large-scale production possible at more locations in the world.

Tandem Axle Trailers

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Transport also benefits consumers, as it helps in making different products and solutions available to more people. With proper transport comes the availability of job openings and it also helps discourage monopolies, since local producers cannot charge with prices of their own. This is because goods and commodities can be made available quickly to anyone. But for transport to be possible vehicles alone aren’t enough. Trailers have and still are one of the pillars that allow for all of the aforementioned things to be possible.

Tandem vs Single Axle Trailer

There are different types of trailers according to size, shape and so on. Trailers are categorised into two basic categories based on the number of axles they rely on. Take a tandem trailer, for example, which comes with two sets of axles, with one being right behind the other. Quality tandem trailers allow you to haul more than what you can with a single axle trailer. Single axle trailers come with only one axle set, and they also have their benefits, such as being nimble and easier to park. Tandem trailers can tow heavier loads and are more stable at higher speeds.

What Makes For a Great Tandem Trailer


Probably the most important feature to consider when searching for a tandem axle box trailer is its size. The ideal size of a trailer is determined by the loads you want to carry but remember – size dictates almost everything else as well, such as the weight of the trailer, as well as its manoeuvrability. Striking a balance between all three will give you the perfectly sized trailer for your needs.

Tow Ball Load

The weight a trailer can carry will directly determine its capabilities. This is going to be determined largely by the vehicle you’re going to use to tow the trailer. You need to take into consideration the vehicle’s tow ball capacity. The weight and load-carrying capacity of the trailer shouldn’t exceed the load-carrying capacity of the vehicle.

Galvanised vs Painted

When it comes to protection from the elements and durability, you can choose between galvanised or painted tandem axle box trailers. If your trailer is not going to be taking that much abuse, you can go for a painted one. But if you’re going to put your tandem trailer through a considerable amount of abuse, then you should go with a galvanised one. A galvanised steel trailer will also be useful if you need a trailer for recreational purposes, such as motocross biking.

Tandem Trailers

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If you’re going to use your tandem trailer for work in a rural area, you should definitely consider additional protection, such as fenders. With all the mud and dirt that’s going to be on the tyres and flying off of them, you should install a pair of fenders to prolong the lifespan of the trailer. Just make sure the fenders fit properly so they don’t compromise the trailer’s function. Remember, galvanised trailers will last you a long time no matter what you put them through. Painted trailers will only last you as long as galvanised trailers if they are only used on paved roads, and when they are not subjected to extensive abuse.


How Long Is a Tandem Trailer?

While a tandem trailer can be found in almost any length, usually the number ranges between 2500mm and 3550mm. This all depends on the manufacturer and what the trailer is designed to be used for. Some are designed to suit many purposes, while others are made more for specific use with a certain type of load.

Tandem Axle Trailers

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How Much Weight Can a Tandem Trailer Carry?

Again, not all tandem axle box trailers are made the same and thus, their load-carrying capacity can vary greatly. Typically, a tandem axle box trailer can carry about 1.5 tonnes, but there are some models that can carry less or more than that. You need a permit to carry more than 1.5 or 2 tonnes.

How Do You Calculate Weight Per Axle?

To calculate the weight per axle on a tandem trailer, you need to multiply the centre of gravity by the weight of the trailer. This will give you the weight for all of the axles. Then you need to divide that result by the wheelbase to get the weight of the rear axle. In order to get the weight of the front axle, subtract the weight of the rear axle from the total weight of the axles.

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