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When you’ve got cat access doors, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cats will come home whenever they're done with their playtime.
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The Benefits of Installing Cat Access Doors for Your Feline Friend

cat walking through cat door

The Benefits of Installing Cat Access Doors for Your Feline Friend

It’s no secret that cats are rather individual creatures and may not always do what they are being told. Unlike dogs, they like to follow their own instincts and wishes, ignoring us and our commands at times. However, we have to accept that it’s just the way they are and use this as a reason to love them even more.

Even if you’re raising your cat indoors, chances are she will want to eventually go outside and explore. After all, pets need nature and freedom as much as we do. But if you want to allow your cat to go outside and play whenever she pleases, your best bet is installing cat access doors around the house.

You’ll find a range of small, large and medium-sized doors, in a variety of colours and materials, made to fit even standard insect screen doors. In other words, you’re bound to find what suits your needs and lifestyle best. But if you’re still having doubts whether investing in such as unit is a smart idea, you should definitely check out their benefits.

cat standing in front of the cat door


Same as us, cats love basking in the sun and enjoy spending time out in the fresh air. Installing a cat door will enable your little ball of fur to go outside whenever she pleases, without bothering you to open the door. Moreover, it enables your feline to tune in to its instincts and stay in shape while chasing birds, insects, or other cats, which means there won’t be any dangers of her developing issues like obesity or diabetes.

You won’t have to worry about when and where your cat empties its bowel. Besides, she won’t have to wait for you to clean up the sandbox before she can use it (yes, cats are clean that way!). In other words, your feline can urinate whenever she needs to outside, without having to wait for you to open the door. This, in turn, will decrease the chances of her getting a urinary tract infection.

Let’s not forget that the ability of your cat to go outside and play whenever she pleases can positively affect her mental health. You won’t always be able to play with her, so this way she can go out and explore the surroundings and have fun on her own. Keep in mind that the lack of entertainment may lead to certain behavioural problems.

cat walking through cat door


When you have more than one cat, sometimes feeding them may be a challenge, especially if one of them is greedier and more selfish than the other. In this case, cat pet doors can come in very handy in keeping them separate, at least during feeding time so that both of them can eat equally.

Also, though scratching is natural for cats, some pets are more difficult to train that it’s not okay for them to scratch the upholstery and furniture and that that’s what the scratch post is for. With a pet door, however, you can make it a lot easier for them to avoid scratching your belongings without actually scolding them. Instead, they’re going to do that outside – scratching trees to sharpen their nails and relieve stress.


The busy lifestyles we lead today might make us more negligent of certain things than we would like to admit. And even if you’re not an irresponsible owner, sometimes it just can slip your mind that you let your cat play outside and forget open the door for her to come back home.

When you’ve got cat access doors, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cats will come home whenever they’re done with their playtime. Besides, sometimes certain predators might chase after your beloved feline, so I’m sure you’ll agree when I say a pet flap is more than welcomed addition to your home.

cat access door

Other Considerations

Still, after all these benefits, you still might be having doubts regarding your home’s safety, since there’s the chance that installing pet doors might also provide access to unwanted visitors. In this case, you’ll be happy to know that certain models work automatically. So, when your cat approaches them and wants to pass through the door, the magnets and infrared codes attached to the suitable collar that goes with them, will open the door for your pet and just for her only.

Also, now that technology has greatly improved, you can easily find flaps that can be operated through apps you can install on your devices. Then, there are models which can be installed on walls too, not only doors. For owners who don’t have much yard space and don’t want to let their cats outside their space, a great solution could be combining a cat flap with a catio, for example.

And last but not least, it’s important to note that after you’ve made your choice, it’s necessary to consider the installation process. Plan well where do you want to install them and whether their placement would impose new threats to your pets’ safety. For instance, positioning them near a pool would, so you might want to call in licensed contractors to assist you in the decision making.

Stephanie Tierney