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Three Tips to Keep Your Backyard Pool Perfectly Maintained


Three Tips to Keep Your Backyard Pool Perfectly Maintained

Owning a backyard pool is all fun and games until there is some maintenance chore that needs to be done. When daydreaming of having one, we often forget that pools can turn their perfectly blue water into a green and nasty environment, perfect for all kinds of insects. So regardless of whether you’ve just built a pool in your backyard or you’ve been a proud owner of one for years, make sure you’re familiar with all the maintenance tasks needed for keeping this luxurious retreat of yours in a good condition.

Find a Quality Swimming Pool Repair Company

Don’t wait until something goes wrong with your pool to call a swimming pool repair company – you need to take care of these things right after you’ve built it. Therefore, choosing a reliable swimming pool repair company to take care after your pool is of the essence. Look for experienced companies that have positive reviews so that you can be confident in the way they operate and rest assured that your pool will be in a good condition at all times.

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The Filters Are Your Pool’s Kidneys

Filters are responsible for cleaning the dirt out of the pool’s water. Even though most of the time quality filters can be cleaned simply by turning them off, you’re going to need to thoroughly clean the pipes utilized by the filter system at least once a month. Simply set your filter to “backwash”, remove the leaf basket and clean it. After that, turn on the pump and let it run until the waste pipe starts ejecting clear water.

Chemicals Are Important

Although we tend to stay as far away from chemicals as possible, sometimes adding them is inevitable, especially when it comes to pools. You should test your pool’s water at least once a week, so these are the six chemicals you should consider adding for a safer experience: Cyanuric Acid, Calcium Hardness, Free Chlorine, Acidity/Alkalinity and total Alkalinity. When all chemicals are properly balanced, the water should be crystal clear and should leave very little residue to the skin.

Take care of your relaxation oasis and make sure to have your chosen company do all the maintenance tasks needed for its optimal performance. After all, it is your kick back retreat where you and your loved ones will be spending countless days and nights, so make sure it’s a safe environment to be in.

Stephanie Tierney