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Tips for Opening up a Totally Windowless Bathroom

Bathroom Lighting

Tips for Opening up a Totally Windowless Bathroom

So your bathroom lacks natural light and view? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Even though lighting and fresh air are incredibly important for bathrooms, this aspect is often-times overlooked. However, designers have many tricks and tips that will easily trick the eye to perceive small, enclosed bathrooms as somewhat more spacious and light spaces where one may relax and feel comfortable.

Lighting Is Of Utmost Importance

In boxed-in bathrooms artificial lighting saves the day! But when you buy bathroom lighting for a space that has no contact with the outside world, besides going really bright, make sure the main light also features a fan that can help manage condensation. Making sure that air can circulate is really important and fans are a good way to achieve it. Also, when you have no access to natural light, the key is to make sure you put artificial lights in all the right places. So, before you actually buy bathroom lighting, you need to create a thorough lightening plan. Make sure you put lights as to be able to properly illuminate the face when standing in front of the mirror, use lots of reflective surfaces to carry the light around and put lights in unconventional light locations such as inside the shower, around the mirror and under the vanity.

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Go All White

Using colors properly can have a tremendous impact on your bathroom. Choosing to feature white as much as you can is probably one of the best ways to reflect light through an enclosed space. Besides incorporating all-white elements, keep in mind that white accessories such as towel, soap and toothbrush holders, paintings and tiles can also open the area. However, you can still include some warmer colors such as soft pink, light blue or soft brown that can participate in creating the spacious illusion while preventing the possible dulness of an all-white space.

Use Big Mirrors

Hanging mirrors in unexpected places really help expand the space – if you can, opt for big mirrors (from the ceiling way down to the floor). A full wall of mirror can create a luxurious feeling and intimate mood. Also, for maximum openness, instead of a curtain, install a glass door for the shower tub.

Go Minimal

Simplicity is the rule of thumb for closed-up areas. Instead of piling up on products, elements and accessories, keep it as simple as you can. This doesn’t mean you should leave everything out and go for a full-bare look, but when you choose the design elements, make sure they are simple. Also, make sure the vanity offers a lot of storage where you can store all the utensils a bathroom can’t go without.

Stephanie Tierney