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A Little Bit of All Concerning the Urban Culture of Clothing

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A Little Bit of All Concerning the Urban Culture of Clothing

Urban clothing and urban culture go hand in hand. Urban culture was once heavily associated with the hip-hop subculture, but that’s no longer the case. Urban style is all the rage nowadays, and most fashion bloggers get inspired from urban collections. One of the things I like most about the urban style, is the fact that it doesn’t need to be an overpriced brand. Simply put, it’s more about the attitude than the money and brand you wear.

Urban culture is especially popular among millennials, mainly because we’re poor, and most of us have that rebellious attitude, and we don’t care about brands as much as our parents used did. And at the end of the day, at least for me, it’s all about being comfortable and being myself. Moreover, urban clothing has become so ubiquitous, that you can literally see it everywhere, yet every person wearing urban clothes is unique in their own way.

That’s precisely the beauty of urban clothes, and the fact that you can find urban women’s and urban men’s clothing online, and in almost every corner around the world. T-shirts and sneakers are the staple of urban clothing, and when combined with some more formal accessories, you can get fit in almost anywhere. Moreover, urban clothing lets you worry about more important things than brand and price tag, like colour combinations, and being comfortable in your clothes.

So how did this massive culture that has made millions of parents angry and told thousands of fashion designers to hi the road and stop selling overpriced gibberish to a struggling youth came to be? As aforementioned – it came from hip-hop, a rebellious musical movement that started in New York Bronx. However, urban clothes have come a long way since being saggy jeans, baggy shirts and wearing a gold chain that weighs about a ton.

In fact, you can find all sorts of urban women’s and urban men’s clothing online nowadays, including skinny jeans, fedoras (just don’t), scarves, watches, sneakers, heels, and so on. Some of the iconic brands which produce quality urban clothes are Supreme, Nike, Vans, Levi, Fred Perry, Converse, among many others. But there are also “no-name” brands who also make amazing urban wardrobe, so don’t limit yourself to brands!

That being said, even if you aren’t that fashion-savvy, don’t be afraid to buy a bunch of urban clothes, and do some weird combinations. Nobody cares that your button up has a different pattern than your t-shirt, or that your aloha shirt and Timbaland’s aren’t considered a conventional combination, as long as you wear them with pride and attitude. If Russel Westbrook can get away with wearing this, you can wear whatever you feel like. Look at how happy that idiot is.

Ian Tompson