5 Romantic Gift Ideas for Her
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5 Romantic Gift Ideas for Her

5 Romantic Gift Ideas for Her

There’s a reason why gift-giving is one of the 5 love languages. Giving gifts is an ancient tradition, so deep-rooted that has become a part of human nature. Giving and receiving gifts have nothing to do with materialism. For people that speak this love language, the monetary value doesn’t determine the real value of the gift. Instead, it’s the act of giving, the thoughtful gesture and the effort made for picking the right gift.

Whether your partner’s love language is gift-giving or not, you must put effort into gifting her with something romantic. Not only does a specially selected gift show your appreciation for her, but it’s the perfect way to say that you love her or that you’re sorry. While presenting her on Valentine’s day or her birthday is somehow expected; giving her a surprise romantic gift on an odd day without having a special occasion is what will make her feel special. If you’re lacking inspiration, here are some romantic gift ideas to show love and care for the woman in your life.

Chocolate Bouquet

ferrero rocher chocolate bouquet
Source: janefloristshop.com

There is something seductive about chocolate. In essence, it’s exotically romantic. Chocolate feels, looks and tastes heavenly. This simple edible declaration of love makes any recipient feel special and undeniably gratifying. Being referred to as the food of Gods, chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac since the time of the Aztecs. Recent studies have shown that women who eat chocolate show more desire for romance than women who don’t eat chocolate. This might be because chocolate releases brain soothing chemicals which increase energy and desire levels. That’s what makes chocolate one of the most romantic gifts.

Only one thing beats a present like chocolate, and that is lots of chocolate, packed in a beautiful bouquet or in a gift basket. These are five reasons why chocolate bouquets, like a Ferrero Rocher bouquet, make the perfect gift:

  1. They’re edible! Flowers are delicate, but you can’t eat them. That’s what makes chocolate bouquets better than flowers: they look beautiful and pamper your taste buds.
  2. They’re stunning! Flower bouquets can die after several days, while a beautifully arranged Ferrero Rocher bouquet can be displayed for weeks. It creates a beautiful memory of the moment when it was given, whether it was for a special occasion or not.
  3. They’re fun! Chocolate bouquets can last but this doesn’t mean they will, especially if they land in the hands of a chocolate nut. Oh well, that’s what makes them fun. Opening chocolates one by one, indulging your sweet tooth, is a fun thing to do. If you’re over boring and sentimental gifts, you should go for a fun option like gifting a bouquet of sweet chocolate pleasures.
  4. They’re handcrafted and made with love! No matter if you make your own chocolate bouquet or you’ve ordered it, it’s a unique handmade gift, crafted with love. In a world of generic and mass-produced products, a handmade gift is what makes gift-giving even more personal.
  5. You can personalise them! If craft and handmade don’t sound to you personal enough, then you can literally personalise your chocolate bouquet. You can do that by putting a personal message on a ribbon or sticking a card in the bouquet.

Romantic Getaway

a romantic getaway on the beach
Source: greenvacationdeals.com

Organising a romantic getaway for you and your lover can be the perfect gift to spoil your gal and reconnect. A romantic dinner may be okay, but sometimes you need more together time away from distractions. On the other side, a week or 2 being away may be daunting to organise, and it can’t be presented as a surprise. So, how about a romantic weekend? It’s perfect in terms of organisation and it’s enough time to enjoy and rest. Your woman will be over the moon. But before signing out to lay her down on a bed covered in rose petals in the light of many candles, here are some tips on organisation and practicality.

  • Set a budget. There’s nothing romantic in being on a trip with empty pockets. Pick a place and surrounding that you can afford and enjoy. Remember that romance lies in little things, not high prices. While residing in a 5-star hotel can be romantic, so can be spending quality time in a small cottage near the beach or inside a flimsy wood.
  • Choose a place that you’ll both like. Whether going for a familiar destination or playing on the surprise card, consider something that you’ll both enjoy. There’s nothing romantic in organising fishing by the lake with your wife that hates fishing. Save activities you like for other occasions, such as weekends with your boys. Make your lover delight in your choice of location, choosing a place that she’ll find amazing instead of boring.
  • Don’t go too far away! Search for romantic getaways near me for ideas, as travelling for a day just to spend two days isn’t fun at all.

Book by Her Favourite Author

Some women enjoy reading books. They enjoy spending their free moments cuddled in a chair holding a book in one hand and a cup of tea or coffee in the other. Such bookworms find these moments the biggest pleasure in life. If this is your gal, why not surprise her occasionally with the newest book from her favourite author. If you’ve been a good boy listening to your woman telling you about her favourite author, then their name has already popped up in your mind. If not, well, try better next time. Just kidding. You can always spy on her Goodreads list and check titles she loves.

Personalised Jewellery

personalised necklace
Source: poshtottydesigns.com

Personalised gifts are becoming more and more popular. One reason is that they show the giver has put effort and thought into them. Although mugs, glasses and bottles are the first choices for a personalised gift, why not choose something that will be specifically for her, like jewellery? A personalised necklace, ring or earrings will be something that will remind her of you every time she wears it, sees it or touches it.

Gift Her an Experience

As we mentioned before, the value of the gift doesn’t depend on how much money you’ve spent on it. That’s what makes gifting an experience a great gift. It’s all about making memories that will last and bring a smile to your face every time you think of them or go through pictures of that time. Needing ideas? Some of my favourites are a couple’s massage, wine tasting at a farm, and a voucher for a spa weekend with girlfriends.

Stephanie Tierney