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Dog Travel Essentials for a Stress-Free Trip with Your Furry Friend

dog in a dog carrier

Dog Travel Essentials for a Stress-Free Trip with Your Furry Friend

If you like travelling and you live with a dog, chances are you want to take her or him on your adventures. Travelling with your dog may never be completely hustle-free, but with the right products, it can be easier and more comfortable both for you and your furry friend. Even if you don’t take your dog travelling, most dog owners can benefit from some of these products, whether it is to take them to the vet, or if you have to take them with you to the store, or at a friend’s house.

Dog Carriers

puppy in a backpack

Like dog beds, toys or bowls for water and food, dog carriers are pretty much an essential dog supply. Whether you are just getting a dog, or you have already been living with one for a while, sooner or later you are going to need this item. Pet carriers are extremely useful and practical, and they offer the best option for transfer, regardless of how long a trip you are taking with your pet. 

There are many types of dog carriers for sale, so, choosing one can be difficult. Nevertheless, you can easily narrow your choice down, by considering a few simple things. The most important one, of course, is to get a reliable product that will keep your dog safe during travel. However, pet carriers also defer in size, style, materials, weight, strength, sturdiness, and so on.

One of the things you should consider so that you can choose the right dog travel carrier is where are you taking your puppy. In other words, the length of the trips you will be taking with your dog can help you determine the type of portable dog carrier, also known as a dog travel crate, you need. For instance, if you are only going to use it to take your pet to the vet, your options are quite diverse, while if you are going to go on longer trips, for instance by plane, you will need to find an airline approved dog crate. 

This is because when you are using your car, you will only need to concern yourself with your dog requirements, their safety and your own needs, whereas when you travel by plane you will have to follow the airline’s regulations, which are often quite strict. Another very important thing to consider is your dog’s size. Of course, if you have a small dog or a puppy, you can get a puppy travel carrier. However, if you know that your puppy is a medium-sized dog breed or that he or she will grow into a big dog, you may want to invest in a bigger dog carrier.

Car Accessories

car accessories dog carrier

If you are going to take your dog on short or long trips with your vehicle, there are many different car accessories for dogs, that can make your life easier. From accessories to keep your dog safe and secure them while you are driving, such as dog seat belts or dog car seats, to accessories to keep your car clean from mud, hair, etc., such as seat covers, car hammocks, etc. 

Even products like dog clothing and dog boots, or any other supply that can help you keep your dog’s feet and body clean from snow, rain, mud, dust or sand, can be a great help in keeping your car seats clean. But, aside from safety and hygiene during car travel, you should also think about your dog’s comfort. For one, you should be prepared to keep your dog hydrated and well-fed while you are on the road, especially if you are going on longer trips. Thankfully there are also dog supplies that you can buy designed specifically for these purposes, such as splash-free bowls, travel bowls, or dog water bottles.

Harnesses, collars, leashes, and other supplies for walking are also important for travelling with a dog, so before going, you should always make sure that you have them with you. Also, for longer trips with your dog, you should always carry any medications and dog supplements they may need, especially if they have any type of health condition, regardless of how serious it may be.


dog ramp

While technically dog ramps can also be considered a supply for car travel, they are much more than that, which is why we are mentioning them separately. The main purpose of these ramps is to allow your dog to easily enter the vehicle, regardless of how tall the vehicle is, or how big the dog is. This is extremely important not only for comfort but also because jumping in and out of your car, can hurt your dog’s joints.

While some breeds are more prone to arthritis, jumping up and down all the time can cause painful conditions for any dog. A car ramp will also save you the trouble of lifting up your dog every time he or she needs to get in the vehicle, especially if they are a small breed. Dog car ramps are crucial for long trips with your furry friend, but they can also make a huge difference for shorter trips.

Moreover, dog ramps can also be useful for other purposes, especially for dogs that experience pain in their legs and joints. Namely, you can use them to help your dog climb up or down the stairs, go up on the couch, or any other surface.

Stephanie Tierney