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Dress Code Guide to Business Casual for Men

Dress Code Guide to Business Casual for Men

In simple terms, business casual can be defined as attire that’s not as formal but still gives off a professional and serious vibe. Then again, there isn’t a strict definition and every person interprets it differently. Nevertheless, there are a couple of clothing pieces you should have in your closet that can help you achieve the business casual look you’re after.

Start by Getting a Pair of Leather Loafers

When it comes to footwear, nothing says business casual more than mens loafers. They are on top of the list of shoes that look both elegant and timeless. And to top it all, they are incredibly comfortable to wear which is an added bonus.

Men’s loafers are not a new invention. Actually, they have quite a long history of being a true fashion staple. And over time their design has only been improved. Today you can find many different types of loafers for men. They come in many colours and can be made from all sorts of materials. But to be honest, nothing can beat loafers made of leather. Or even better, Italian leather. There are many reasons why Italian shoes deserve a special place in your closet.

leather loafers
source: unsplash.com

If you want to stick to the basics you should pick a pair from the mens loafer leather models. Then again, loafers painted in royal blue are on the table too. If you feel brave and adventurous, you should definitely go for those. Sometimes not playing safe pays off. And royal blue loafers will make for an outfit to remember.

Leather shoes last long and fit perfectly. Oftentimes leather loafers are handcrafted which only adds to their value. When it comes to the design, some are minimalistic while others have a bit more details on them. They are made to upgrade your outfit and make you look fashion-forward.

There isn’t a better footwear choice than mens loafer leather if your goal is to create a business casual outfit. Loafers are serious enough and fun at the same time to make you look professional but also like a person that has a free spirit and knows what’s good. A business casual outfit is a great substitution for the basic suit and tie. You’ll not only look better but you’ll feel more comfortable as well.

Pair Them with Casual Pants

Chino pants are a great choice for a business casual outfit but you can also choose khaki pants or pleated ones. You need to keep in mind that there’s no such thing as one right choice. Business casual is a dress code that allows experimenting.

casual pants
source: thecoolist.com

Chino pants are usually made of pure cotton or some kind of cotton blend. They come in diverse colours and are overall very pleasant to wear despite looking very stylish. Khaki pants are similar but a bit heavier. So, if comfort is what you’re after, go for chinos. Pleated pants have folds in the front, unlike regular pants that are simply flat. Pleated pants are considered to be more traditional although you can make them work if you like the style.

On Top Rock Your Favourite Shirt or Polo T-Shirt

Moving on, you’re going to need a shirt as well. Or you can go for a polo t-shirt if you want to build an outfit that doesn’t look that formal after all. In fact, a casual polo t shirt for men is the choice of many who love business casual but are not fans of the classic work shirts. Think of polo t-shirts as the perfect replacement.

Polo t-shirts are made from 100% cotton and are very pleasant on the skin, naturally. You can find in polo t-shirts the comfort you’re looking for in basic shirts. They have a ribbed collar and are usually ribbed on the sleeves as well with a regular fit.

Polo t-shirts come in many different colours. You can stack your closet with polo shirts in neutral colours, buy a polo t shirt for men in bold colours or go for the multicoloured ones. You won’t make a bad choice no matter what your final decision is. Polo t-shirts look amazing regardless of the colour.

casual t-shirts
source: t-shirtwholesaler.com

When you compare polo t-shirts with regular shirts you’ll notice that polo t-shirts are denser and heavier. That’s because the manufacturing process for polo shirts is different from the one for basic shirts although the fabric is the same. And precisely because polo t-shirts are thicker and heavier, they last longer. Your polo t-shirt won’t look worn out after a few washes and its colour will stay intact.

Polo t-shirts are ideal to wear all year round. In summer, polo t-shirts will keep you feeling cold while in winter you can wear them with a blazer or cardigan (for those who ask, yes, the cardigan is business casual too). So, the bottom line is that investing in a couple of versatile polo t-shirts is a smart move.

And a Statement Blazer

If you love the business casual dress code then you’re going to need more than one blazer. The blazer is yet another timeless piece of clothing. Blazers never go out of style and you can dress them up or dress them down. You can forget all about spending hours trying to assemble a good outfit for work. The blazer is the solution to all your problems. You can go for a single-breasted or double-breasted blazer and choose from the many different types of blazer fabrics.

man wearing a blazer
source: manofmany.com

Finish It Off with Accessories

Is an outfit really whole without accessories? The right accessories can make your outfit look complete and actually improve your appearance big time. So, never forget to add a belt to the mix and a cool hand watch. If the sun is shining bright outside, sunglasses are a must as well. After all, accessories are not meant for women only. Men too need accessories that have the power to make every outfit look more stylish, cool and edgy.

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