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Best dog location tracker consists of two essential pieces: a pathfinder connector and a dog tracking collar.
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The Best Dog Location Trackers: Keep Tabs on Your Furry Friend

The Best Dog Location Trackers: Keep Tabs on Your Furry Friend

Pets are great companions. However, they live in their own world and sometimes they tend to wander off looking for fun and new friends. Make sure you know where your furry pal is at all times by investing in a quality dog tracker.

Dogtra Pathfinder GPS Dog Track N Train System

This is one of the best dog location tracker models on the market. It consists of two essential pieces: a pathfinder connector and a dog tracking collar. A lanyard, charger and similar pieces are also included in the pack. To make a dog tracking system you need a smartphone that is not included in the package.

The smartphone serves as a handheld tracking device. It has a Bluetooth connection to the pathfinder connector within a range of 10 meters. Dogtra pathfinder gear is what connects the dog tracking collar with the handheld GPS. The range of the radio signal is up to 7 km.

It can track up to 21 different dogs (or hunters) and allows sharing location with others, retrievable tracking data and live geofencing notifications. Detailed maps need to be downloaded beforehand and added to the Dogtra Pathfinder app to obtain exact location data offline.

In terms of ergonomics, this system is waterproof and rechargeable (IPX7), easy to use and emits warning tones.

dogtra pathfinder gps


Garmin Alpha 200i/TT15 GPS Dog Track N Train System Built-in inReach

The Alpha is a handheld dog tracking device compatible with Garmin T5/T5 (or TT15/TT15) training collars. One of these mini training collars is included, but if you need to use this device in a system, the gear has to be specifically suited for the task at hand. It’s fairly basic stuff you need to keep an eye on, although it can be more demanding than choosing an appropriate dog collar.

Your Garmin Alpha dog tracker will allow you to measure and monitor dog speed, distance travelled and BirdsEye satellite view (no subscription required) of their location. You can hide or show their status, name and data. The device comes with an Australian Top Active Map and is conducive to wireless sharing of data to other units.

The inReach component makes satellite communication possible. Therefore you can use the Alpha to keep in touch with friends and family and even to event post on social media. It’s one of the best commercially available emergency communication devices.

This dog tracker is waterproof and has a sunlight-readable touchscreen that provides automatic zoom for every dog that isn’t already shown on the screen.

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Garmin Astro 430 GPS Standard Dog Tracking System

Your Astro handheld GPS tracking system is more straightforward than the inReach and is preferred by those who want to make things as simple as possible. It doesn’t mean it isn’t capable though. Garmin Astro can track up to 20 dogs within a perimeter of 7 km. It can pinpoint the exact location of a dog on the run with a 2.5-second update rate. It comes with a TOPO lite Australia map and can put out performance metrics to guide your decisions regarding forthcoming training.

You can share data with most Garmin navigation devices (including the Fenix multisport watch). It’s better than the previous versions of Astro dog tracking gear (Astro 320, 220), and is a more basic version of the Alpha 100 (no touchscreen, but longer range).

Garmin Fenix 6X Pro GPS Watch

It’s the ultimate device for tracking a dog from your wrist. That is if you have a set of Astro 430 or Alpha 100 in your training gear. Packed with a whole host of outdoor navigation features which allow seamless integration for wireless dog tracking. Your original dog location tracker has to be nearby though (in a holster, in a backpack or similar). The next important prerequisite is to have the same software. To connect the two devices you need to activate “dog broadcasting” on the handheld. And a simple Dog App has to be active on your Fenix 6 watch. You gain more instant access to the dog training metrics by going for this option.

At the same time, Fenix 6 is an extreme multisport watch. You can follow a wide array of physiology metrics relevant to a specific sport. For example, if you are into running you have slick features like race predictor and recovery advisor in your watch. Cyclist and swimmers also use them to track their performance.

garmin fenix 6x


Rest and Recovery

After a training session, everyone needs to wind down. This includes the trainers (or hunters), but the dogs as well. Choosing tracking devices is easy and standardized. Making a schedule or routine for post-training rest and recovery is a complex issue and trainers approach this issue from different angles.

Some put some effort into pampering their furry friends with comfortable accessories like dog beds, while others believe a simple dog house is more than enough. The same principles apply to diet, routines and exercise. It goes to show we have a lot to learn when it comes to the actual needs of animals as opposed to our agendas behind keeping them close.

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