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There are many options for cozy baby girl coats and jackets, but one of my personal favourites is faux-fur.
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The Different Types of Coats Every Baby Girl Needs

Little girl dressed in coat

The Different Types of Coats Every Baby Girl Needs

If you’re a parent of a sweet little baby girl, you already know the potential of cute outfits you can dress her in. From cute little t-shirts and blouses, trousers and jeans, skirts and dresses, all the way to coats, jackets, and accessories, there are tons of cute options to choose from. However, out of all of these, baby girl coats and jackets are some of the most essential pieces of clothing that you will definitely need to stock up on when winter arrives.

Let’s take a look at the different types of coats that you might want to buy for your little bundle of joy.

One to Keep Her Cozy

Baby girl in cozy coat


An absolute must, a cozy baby girl coat will be your go-to option for every occasion that requires a bit of dressing up without too much pizzazz. This comfy model will allow your child to move freely while still looking fashionable. Cozy coats are very easy to pair. Whether you’re going for a walk in the park and want to pair it with jeans and simple shoes, or you’re going out to dinner and you’d like her to have a little dress underneath, the cozy coat will make sure your girl stays warm and looks cute as a button.

There are many options for cozy baby girl coats and jackets, but one of my personal favourites is faux-fur. Often coming in fun designs featuring bunny or cat ears, the cozy coat will turn your little girl into a character from her favourite fairytales. When buying, make sure you choose a colour that’s bright and easy to match, like cream, mint, purple, or blush pink.

One For Fancy Occasions

Baby girl in fancy coat


We all like to get dressed up sometimes, don’t we? Similar to the cozy coat, although with more style and character added, the fancy coat is perfect for when you need a quick and easy way to dress up your girl. Great for birthday celebrations, weddings, or any other occasion that might require a bit of dressing up, the fancy coat should make a statement, but also remain comfortable.

The choices are endless when it comes to fancy coats, so you can really take your pick. My main choices are faux fur coats and pleated baby girl coats that are not as fuzzy as the cozy coat and give off a sleeker vibe. The fancy coats also have more sophisticated detailing like belts, collars, and intricate buttons and zippers to add to the fancy feeling.

You can go with a patterned model or a plain one, but the colour ranges here are a bit wider. Something a bit darker can really work out great and be easy to combine with other pieces as well as dress-up shoes. Fancy coats are often designed to mimic grown-up coats so you and your little girl can actually match! How cute would that be?

A Sporty Option

Baby girl in sporty jacket


Unlike the first two, the sporty jacket is all about keeping your girl warm while being active and also keeping her protected from the elements. To get the perfect sporty baby girl jacket you’ll need to pay attention to the material it’s made from and the features it has.

For example, a breathable mesh is always welcome as it will prevent any sweating and discomfort. Furthermore, a waterproof feature will allow your girl to play in any weather conditions without catching a cold. Match it with a pair of rubber boots and you have yourself a perfect outfit for a rainy day.

Sporty jackets are also often made to mimic jackets for grownups so you can do the whole matching outfits thing yet again and look absolutely sweet together. The colour ranges for sporty coats are very wide so you can take your pick. Light colours are once again recommended over darker ones, but you won’t be wrong if you choose a deeper shade instead of a brighter one. It all depends on the rest of your girls’ wardrobe and how you’d like to build her style.

Many parents don’t believe in styling their children to perfection from a young age, but I believe that fashion is something that’s extremely interesting and can develop a girl’s psyche way beyond just clothing, so I always choose styled outfits over something random.

After all, you can never know when a new fashion designer is born, right? No matter what though, never compromise comfort for style and always make sure you’re picking coats and jackets in the right sizes. The purpose of a jacket is to keep your baby warm, so that’s should always be your starting point. Everything else comes after that.

Stephanie Tierney