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Bridal Party Ideas: Make Your Bridesmaids Look Gorgeous on Your Big Day

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Bridal Party Ideas: Make Your Bridesmaids Look Gorgeous on Your Big Day

Your wedding day should be all about you and your partner. But what would it look like without the most important people in your life around you? Asking your family and friends to be part of your big day is maybe the best part of celebrating your marriage. Picking up the girls dearest to your heart to be your bridesmaids is an excellent way of telling how important they are to you. 

Once you popped up the question and asked all of your besties to be part of the bridal team, styling their looks is very important. You want them to complement your look and match the whole wedding theme but still be true to themselves so they can feel comfortable and respected. This can be a tricky thing to achieve. How to make your bridesmaids look gorgeous and feel comfortable at the same time?

Communication Is Key

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Now that you’ve formed your bridal party, what is next? Choosing their dresses, shoes and accessories. Before you jump to the main part, you must gather your squad first and communicate your wishes and ideas to them. Sometimes gathering them all isn’t possible, especially if some live in different places. This is ok as long as you keep them all equally informed of the preparation process. What’s the most important topic to be discussed?

Who Pays for What?

Different places hold different traditions on paying for the wedding expenses. Today, many couples stray away from tradition and choose different models for who will pay for what. This greatly affects bridesmaids too.

Some brides with a bigger budget offer to cover their bridesmaids’ dresses and to buy the bridesmaid footwear and accessories. Although generous, this is more an exception than it’s a rule. Many brides think that their bridesmaids should pay for their attire once they have accepted to be a part of the team bride. Although this is true for most cases, it’ll be considerate of you to explain this to your bridesmaids. It will also be nice of you to consider their budgets when deciding on the dresses and shoes.

Say ‘Yes’ to the Bridesmaids’ Dress


Considering that each of your bridesmaids has a different body shape, taste and budget, selecting bridesmaid dresses can be overwhelming. What are some things that can make it easier for you?

Choose Your Wedding Theme and Dress First

It will be easier to see which dresses would be suitable and which won’t if you first decide on the time and place of the wedding and its theme. You can’t make your bridesmaids wear long heavy dresses for a summer beach wedding. And if the wedding takes place in the winter months, it’ll be nice to have them nice and warm.

Choosing your dress first will allow you to see which styles will do best for their dresses. If your dress is simple and knee-length, it won’t be visually pleasing if your bridesmaids wear long, heavily decorated dresses.

To Match or Not to Match?

In the past, matching bridesmaid dresses we the go-to option. Although this made be easier for you as you’ll have to pick only one dress, it’s not the most convenient option for your bridesmaids. Your girls might not be the same size or shape and might have different tastes. That’s why many brides go with mismatching bridesmaid dresses.

There are many ways to make mismatched dresses visually appealing. One option is to go with different models in one colour. Another is going with one model in different colours. Most bridesmaids love the idea of multiway bridesmaid dresses. How do these dresses work? It’s a single dress that can be styled in multiple ways. It’s often super comfy and feminine and creates a style every bridesmaid will adore. A multiway dress can be twisted, wrapped, and tie to your wish. It fits every shape and size, meaning even your pregnant girls can wear it and look stunning.

The Importance of Bridesmaid Shoes

bridesmaids shoes

Now that there’s a bridal party dress for each one of your VIP ladies, it’s time to choose the bridesmaid footwear. Do shoes matter for bridesmaids? Many bridesmaid gowns feature a slit, making showing off their beautiful shoes extra important. And even if this isn’t the case, the bridesmaids will spend most of their time standing, walking and dancing. This makes bridesmaid footwear a vital part of their outfit that needs to provide them with both style and comfort. How to ensure that you pick the right pair for each one of them?

Factors to Be Considered

As each bridesmaid has a different body shape and size, the same goes for foot shape and size. If you’re considering matching shoes, you should choose ones available in different sizes. And that’s not all. You must consider their different abilities to wear high heels. Imagine how much torture it will be to put a girl who doesn’t wear heels in skyscraper high stilettos.

To Match or Mix?

If possible, if you’re going for matching dresses, it should be the same for shoes. But you can still achieve a matchy uniformed look with different shoes. The best way to do this is with the same colour in different styles. Another option is having them all wear flats. Bridesmaid flats come in different colours, and everyone can wear them. This makes them a good choice for anyone.

If you want your wedding to have a unique feel, I’m sure you’ve already chosen mismatched bridesmaid dresses. That leaves room for a plethora of options in terms of styles and colours. There’s a wide range of booties, block heels, and designer pumps boast the most stunning embellishments. For summer weddings, go for strappy shoes and sandals. These can all make your bridesmaids look sensational on your special day.

In terms of colour: nudes, such as white, ivory and cream, are always a great colour option. They’re versatile and match everything. Gold, silver, blush and latte are popular choices too. If you want it colourful, pop a colour you like.

Have Fun!

The bridesmaids are an important part of your wedding day. You want them to look stunning, like everyone and everything on your big day. You also want them to feel honoured and respected. That’s why it’s so important to choose their dresses and shoes considering their different styles and wishes. However, don’t forget that this is your day, and don’t forget: to have fun!

Stephanie Tierney