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A Little Bit of High Heels: The All-Time Fashion Staple

Women at the pool wearing frankie4 tessa black high heels

A Little Bit of High Heels: The All-Time Fashion Staple

For most women, a wardrobe is considered incomplete without a pair or two of heels. There’s no doubt they’re fashion staples, and they give off that stylish vibe ideal for formal and informal occasions alike, so whenever one wants to make an outfit more feminine, there’s always this type of footwear to turn to.

Comfort Julies high heels for stylish girls

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On the plus side too, they help boost a woman’s self-esteem, making her taller thus more confident in her attractiveness, especially since they make the walk womanly as they involve more of the hip area; if you want to appear more attractive, wear heels!

It’s interesting to note that high heeled shoes weren’t initially meant for women because it was men who started wearing them first, particularly warriors who were horse riding in the regions of ancient Persia, a trend which then spread to Europe in the world of aristocracy mostly thanks to the influence of Shah Abbas.

While they were used as the means to showcase the power of masculinity, it didn’t take long for them to make their way into feminine fashion too, mainly due to Catherine de Medici who wanted to appear taller on her wedding day.

After a longer period of making their presence in men’s fashion as a statement, with Louis XIV responsible for it, being forbidden for women due to falling accidents and miscarriages, and following a two World Wars period, it was finally the time for the heeled shoes to shine in women’s wardrobes.

Black leather high heels frankie4

It’s somewhere down that line that we’ve come to associate such shoes with discomfort, making us women to have a somewhat love-hate relationship with them. Things seem to finally be changing for the better, however, thanks to the vast array of all-day-wear stylish high heels available nowadays so it’s finally time to use the words “comfort” and “heels” together!

How can that be?

I know, I used to ask myself the same because we’ve come to see heeled shoes as sexy and chic yet had to compromise foot health and comfort for the sake of fashion for decades but things have shifted in the positive direction when designers started implementing ergonomic ideas with elegant, classy and glamorous designs.

Gracie tangerine frankie4 orange high heels

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Of course, not all shoes are made the same, so it takes some knowledge in finding the best of the best, along with doing your own research, looking into the details and properties of each and every model that catches your eye. Then again, the type of heel has a say in it too.

If you ask me about the ideal pair of high heels for me, for work outfits, the heel height isn’t more than 65mm, the design is chunkier, and the material has to be leather because of the breathable properties – now this is the kind of property that’s a must for anyone intending to wear the shoes all day long and still want to go odour free, as well as protect the feet from discomfort and certain issues like athlete’s foot.

Most importantly, the line of the footbed must be podiatrist-founded in order to provide both the needed heel and arch support. Another aspect I consider mandatory in a quality pair is forefoot cushioning because it’s this area where I’ve also felt more pressure when walking, so there has to be the cushioning for utmost comfort.

alyce navy how summer days high heels

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Finally, the flexibility and traction for various surfaces comes from the sole, in which case rubber plus extra cushioning under the footbed is what works best. When it’s party time, I could go for a higher and thinner heel, like that of 80mm for instance, though properties such as abrasion-free environment sure come in handy too.

Tips for Any High Heel Lover

Making the right pick of high heels is necessary but it’s certainly useful to know some tips and tricks in how to make your heel wearing experience more comfortable.

beautiful at the beach with high heels

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A tip I’ve always found great is never to wear a new pair of shoes specifically for an event because it’s advisable to give yourself some time to get used to them so prior to this, wear them several times, put them on for a day out at work or even at home if you must.

Another one the women in my family have known for years: buy shoes when your feet are swollen. I honestly haven’t used this one much but one I’ve made part of my heel wearing is taping my third and fourth toes together.

It may not work for some women, for me it sure does, but perhaps silicone gels and pads could do the tricks instead if the taping proves to be useless. I’ve heard of stories that there are those who go as far as using cotton pads to relieve the pressure but seriously, how can anyone expect the pads to stay put or keep the same shape when worn for hours on end.

women wearing frankie4 tessa black high heels

Last but not least, when dealing with slightly tight shoes, there’s nothing ice can’t handle – just put a zip lock bag with water inside the shoes, and let them stay in the freezer throughout the night.

Comfort and stylishness combine well when you know how to pick, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Stephanie Tierney