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Owning a backyard pool is all fun and games until there is some maintenance chore that needs to be done. When daydreaming of having one, we often forget that pools can turn their perfectly blue water into a green and nasty environment, perfect for all...

Ah, summer time and the fresh air with lovely smell of plants, things worth living for. I haven't always been the fan of plants though... Don't get me wrong, I've always admired their beauty and appreciated their existence, however I haven't been the fan of taking care of them myself. That is, until I moved to a new home with plenty of space for a garden. I don't mean to scare new gardeners, but my experience at its beginning wasn't all that glorious I thought it would be as I managed to kill off more plants than I actually nurtured. As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day, and so did my green thumb skills, so I wasn't willing to give up.
Light blue walls, sophisticated crisp linens, a distinct palette of neutrals, whites and blues, woven details and sandy feet up on a slipcovered sofa – all call to mind the amazing feel of coastal style and the stunning airiness of a beach house. No matter where you call home, whether your view is cityscape, landscape or, if you're lucky enough, seaside - you can design your home in a breezy and bright style – one that will make you feel like you have the ocean on your doorstep. Introducing: the basic elements of the contemporary coastal style.

If you think you've had your share of hard time regarding decorating your house or your three room apartment, think about the people that have to place it all in one room. One-room apartments are unbelievably challenging when it comes to interior design and organizing...

As times are constantly changing, we're aware trends change with them and what's considered the must-have at the moment is the next moment's old-fashioned choice, but that's never stopped me from experimenting with my interior décor by mixing the two. In fact it's what I...

You all know the New Year new me stuff, right? At the end of each year almost every single person says that, even though deep down they know nothing will change on the 1st of January. So let's skip the small talk because we know...

Take a second and think about the most comfortable bed you have ever slept in. What comes to your mind? I can easily say what comes to mine – a comfy, fluffy bed covered in white linens that put you in a relaxing state of mind while feeling as if floating when laying on them. Linens come in a direct contact with your skin, thus it's essential that you choose quality ones that won't cause you any allergies, are soft and ultimately complement well your bedroom. My personal favourite for sailing off to dreamland? White manchester linen sets. Here's why.

There is no doubt that the kitchen floor takes the most beating in any household, thus it goes without saying that it should be durable and easy to clean. If you're considering a kitchen renovation and looking for the most appropriate flooring solution, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the different types is of paramount importance. In today's post, we;re on the hunt for the ever praised trio - looks, style and endurance. Let's get to work.

Teens are all about independence and staying as far away from their parents as possible. It's that period when they only want to be with their friends, locked in their rooms listening to loud music or out experimenting and having fun. They always seem to look for their own personal space and no parent should try to take this desire and curiosity away from them. These are hard years for kids, so instead of making it even harder for them, the whole family should try to respect their emotional and physical changes, because what they're going through is a real roller coaster of emotions and we all know that very well because we've already been through it.

I think those people who say they don’t care much about the appearance of their homes share Pinocchio’s lying tendency. Even if you’re not exactly the person who enjoys decorating, don’t consider yourself as much of a connoisseur of styles or how to play with them, you still add things in the very place you call home with the purpose of making it feel homey and that’s what matters. The word most of us associate with home is comfort and that’s where furniture plays a great role. I used to be one of those who didn’t exactly have faith in their own decorating skills, but after equipping myself with sufficient amount of magazines, I got the courage enough to try out.