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Times are constantly changing, with all of life's aspects being affected. Let's make a comparison, for instance, taking our lifestyles as opposed to the lifestyles of our parents and grandparents at the time they were our age. Not only have habits changed, but view on life altogether. While in the past it was unimaginable for people to spend day after day in an enclosed space, without considering of making a trip to the great outdoors and taking a well-deserved break, nowadays it's nothing unusual for us to even take work home or work well past the working hours and once work is done, spend more time in the enclosed space at home watching TV.
I hear people say technology is backfiring and society gets to suffer because of it. While I don't exactly argue the contrary, since we can see the damage caused to the young population whose lives depend entirely on their electronics and easily make them susceptible to develop a sort of device addiction, I can't deny the benefits it's brought to modern life. Ever since I was a child, I loved reading magazines with sections of new inventions, something I still do to this day. There are many designs and tools that can be of use to us, even at home, and we're not aware because we think they're strictly industrial.
Gears are one of the oldest pieces of mechanical equipment that dates back thousands of years. The first description of gears, however, was written by Aristotle in the 4th century B.C. And sketches of various types of gears were found in Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks. Gears have come a long way since the earliest wooden models and today they are made with maximum precision and they are part nearly any machine. Gears are used to transmit power from one part of a machine to another. Buy combining them together in different ways, you can increase speed, increase force, change direction, and so on. Although they seem complex at first glance, in principle, they are actually quite simple. It's just a matter of physics in action. Let's take a car engine as a simple example. Thanks to gears, a car engine can harness the power stored in gasoline. Basically, gasoline explodes and moves the cylinders of the engine up and down. Gears make sure that this up and down motion is converted to circular motion that gets the car moving.

Sensors are devices that detect signals. They respond to changes which can be either chemical or physical, such as distance, temperature or speed. They can convert all of those signals into electric signals. They find many uses in every day objects like alarms, car parking sensors, tire pressure monitoring systems in cars, etc. The sensor itself cannot be seen and people are often unaware that it's there.

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