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Life without Discomfort: Managing Back Pain

Life without Discomfort: Managing Back Pain

The life of modern day people is full of activities as soon as the morning alarm clock goes off. A day full of errands and work related tasks is a guarantee, however no matter how much we’re out and about, we can’t deny we’re all prone to sedentary lifestyles either at the workplace or at home. This is due to the dependency we have of electronics, whether in the form of TV, laptop or tablet. It’s only natural that eventually not staying active enough and rather sitting it out, resulting in getting overweight, would lead to certain health issues, back pain primarily.

Back Pain Belt

According to the estimates of the National Health Survey carried out by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2014-15, 16% of the population in our country suffers from back problems (3.7 million Australians specifically). Taking another estimation of theirs into account that goes to show up to 70 or 90% of the population in the near future would have back related problems at one point or another in their lives, it’s best to take whatever measures we can to best prevent this sort of issues or at least manage them better. If we can’t avoid sitting for hours on end, we can at least resort to aids that would make us feel better, as in the case with wearing a back pain belt.

The ergonomically engineered back pain belt and brace with soft lining for comfort and support, breathable back opening and plastic abdomen insert moulded properly for the perfect body contour, can really give your back the relieving of discomfort. This aid is especially essential when you simply can’t get in the habit of keeping your proper posture when sitting continuously, so you can be sure it would help you keep your back in the adequate position.

Though there are many reasons as to what the actual cause for back pain may be, the area most affected is the lower back and can lead to tingling and weakness in the legs as well. The spine is no different than the rest of our bodies and is best when kept in motion, so whenever possible, make aerobic exercises part of your daily schedule, in the likes of walking and cycling. When you work on your lower back muscles, you can be sure of spine alignment.

Along with minding your posture when sitting, remember to give stretching the attention it deserves as well by making time for it every 20 minutes or so. There are many simple and quick stretches you can do that would do your back all the good, including boost your work efficiency.

Stephanie Tierney