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5 Bar Accessories That Will Help You Create a Festive Spot for Serving Drinks

5 Bar Accessories That Will Help You Create a Festive Spot for Serving Drinks

I’ll take the liberty of saying that having a bar in your home is a blessing. Most people get stuck in the hurricane of children toys, clothes, diapers and baby milk bottles for quite some time and they often lose sense of what really matters: cocktails just after the sunset. While having the bar as a space perfectly designed in your living room, kitchen or maybe the entertainment area is an inevitable pre-condition, having the set of accessories that will make cocktail shaking a piece of cake is even more important. Without these elements, your bar would be just a decoration.

Bar Accessories for Sale

So if you’re pass the phase of having to run around the apartment to calm screaming children down and actually have an hour to devote to yourself, stashing your bar would be a great idea. Start looking for bar accessories for sale so you can get the necessities and some more. Be smart here – first see what you have and what you’re missing. The point is not to pile elements without actually needing them.

A good jigger

It’s the small hour-glass figured piece that is most important for accurate measuring, something people often neglect when making cocktails at home. No matter the place and the occasion, a good cocktail is good everywhere and anytime, if prepared properly. That’s why you need a jigger, and preferably one of one ounce/two ounce size and one of ½ ounce / ¾ ounce . Those are generally the measurements used in making cocktails, so naturally, you want to look for them when you search through bar accessories for sale offers.

A muddler

Leave the spoons aside! If you’re going to be making cocktails, you should at least make them professionally. A muddle is a the best solution for extracting oils and juices form mint and other herbs and fruits you need for your fancy cocktails. You can make pesto with a good sturdy muddler, which is often needed for the icy cocktails.

Bar Accessories

A shaker

A two piece shaker is the best option. The shaker and the separate strainer are very easy to clean and maintain and they don’t allow fruit pieces to clog them. The thing that makes shakers essential is that there are cocktails you can’t make without one. Which means you should have at least one of high quality in your bar.

A juicer

A cocktail with artificial juices is not a cocktail. It’s a mixture of liquids of which one is alcohol. Every experienced cocktail maker and drinker knows that beside the right amount of alcohol, the secret ingredient for making a good cocktail is the freshly squeezed juice from fruits. So a juicer is a must. You don’t need anything big and time-consuming in order to get the freshly squeezed juice – a small handy one could do the job perfectly.

The pour spouts

We said nothing less than the pro-approach, right? Pour spouts are these small mouths, sort to say, which go on the bottles and serve for easy alcohol pouring. Booze is everything but cheap, and you don’t want to end up spilling any of it anywhere but in the glass. Have at least 2 in your arsenal, one for each bottle you have in your hand when you do the pouring.

In addition to the basic bar accessories, you also need a good amount of ice in the freezer as well as some spices for some cocktail recipes. Once the cocktail kitchen is ready, you’re good to start making some delicious drinks.

Stephanie Tierney