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Author: Stephanie Tierney

As soon as you become a parent, you learn what it really means for that little bundle of joy to become the centre of your world. As soon as your baby enters home, there's no doubt everything changes, particularly your sleep routines. Since most babies wake up throughout the night, parents usually find it easier if they either co-sleep on the family bed, or in a crib in the same room, with some exceptions that is, that prefer to have a nursery. Since by sleeping in their own bedrooms kids have more chances of getting independent earlier on, learning important lessons like how to become organised, it's better to go for the nursery option as early as possible. However, if you go through the transition in the toddler phase, be prepared for dealing with some anxiety, both on your and your toddler's part. You can easily take care of yours with toddler bed rails.
Small living rooms come with many design challenges since striking the perfect balance between comfort and function can be a tricky business when you're working with a limited amount of space. From the colour you choose for your walls to the size and style of the furniture, every little detail can have a major influence on the final look of a small living room. That's why careful planning of both the room's layout and design is essential for creating a functional living space that looks stylish, homey and inviting.
Are you a pet owner looking forward to move to the wonderful land of opportunities that is Australia? If you thought obtaining a visa for yourself and your family was complicated enough, wait until you see all the laws regulating pet import. Australia's strict criteria for pet entry is what keeps this country free from many animal diseases that other parts of the world still haven't eradicated. This is a great benefit both for people and their pets. In Australia, you will never have to worry that your pet can become infected with rabies, and you can freely pet other animals on the road and not be worried about you yourself catching this deadly disease.
With the wide range of storage options available on the market today, controlling clutter has never been easier and more stylish. From sea-grass storage box models to rattan boxes, cardboard boxes and much more, your home can become much more functional and look fabulous at the same time. Storage boxes offer you a great opportunity to stay organized, but it is important that you choose the right ones to make your space look neat. So in the light of that fact, here are our tips for choosing the right storage box for different uses and the best way to use them in order to keep your place organized, tidy and chic.
I have many sweethearts I care about. My husband, the two kids, and six Replica Thonet Sweetheart Bentwood Chairs. I know that many old souls and lovers of bygone eras will understand my devotion to these pieces of artistry. For those of you who might feel like between the devil and the deep blue sea, here's a little bit of history.

When scanning the vast amount of lawn mowers for sale, most homeowners usually base their search on a few factors like price, brand and additional features. Although these are all important things to consider, they should not be the deciding points. In fact, the size,...

The National Stoke Foundation has predicted that in 2017 there will be more than 55 000 new and recurrent strokes and as much as 470 000 people living with the effects of stroke. In fact, stroke is the leading cause of disability in Australia. After a stroke has left a person disabled, what were once simple tasks now demand a lot of time and great effort. However, that doesn’t mean that the person cannot lead a normal life anymore.
Have you noticed a trend in interior design lately? Clean lines, soothing colours and broad, uncluttered spaces all adorn the pages of the latest editions of popular interior design magazines. And if you were to actually read the editorials, you are sure to come across a lot of Scandinavian this and Scandinavian that. The reason why this style is so popular not only in magazines, but in homes throughout Australia, is that it's very liveable - made up from low key furnishings that are comfortable as much as purposeful. If the only reference you have about Scandinavian design is Ikea, this guide is here to give you the proper picture of what it's all about.

We don’t know ourselves as much as we think we do unless we travel often. This is something you’ve often heard, and it’s true because when you’re out discovering new places, you discover yourself, you see what you’re made of, and if there’s a place...

We can’t deny it’s a thing of pride we’re living in societies where people are finally paying more attention to the development of healthy day by day habits, thanks to getting more informed about the necessity of staying physically active. Combine that with the proper amount of sleep per day, and a healthy well-balanced diet, and presto change-o, you’re in the perfect shape! It all seems ideal, but for one important detail: as long as you don’t control the sugar intake, you can’t exactly expect the ideal outcome and be able to cut down on the health risks altogether. According to the World Health Organisation, the recommended daily dose of sugar is only 25g (about six teaspoons to be exact), which most Australians are far from considering the daily intake per Australian is staggering 60g (14 teaspoons) on average. The scarier part of the statistics is that of teenagers, whose intake (particularly that of males) exceeds the 60g for about 30g. It’s not always easy to give up the sugar addiction, or cut it down to the allowed dosage, especially not for people with a sweet tooth (don’t we all have it), but if you really want to get the great starting point, avoid soft drinks, processed cakes and sweets, and, most importantly, replace the refined white stuff with sugar substitutes natural in substance.