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Author: Stephanie Tierney

You've heard the saying before, as soft as a baby's bottom. Well, it came to be because babies really have a soft skin, having in mind it was well protected from damage all the time while inside the womb. However, as soon as they come to the world, you can't expect that soft skin to always stay that soft unless you take proper care of it, starting from giving them a massage right after baths, the timing when the skin can hold up moisture, along with using adequate eco-friendly products, to prevent sunburns, and diaper rashes. There's also the aspect of clothing, and accessories, so it's important to ditch synthetics and opt for organic bamboo: from baby bamboo wrap, and towels, to onesies, hats, gloves, anything and everything bamboo.
Living the lifestyles of today, constantly busy, constantly stressed, it’s more than important to find a way to relax, and have a nice workout at that. That’s exactly what yoga provides, and that’s why it’s still as popular as ever, after all the millennia. Whether you’re a beginner, or already know some of the asanas, whether you’re a fan of it or not, the benefits are undeniable, so there’s no reason for both men and women not to take up yoga as their ideal physical activity.

Have you ever broken something only to find out it's no longer being manufactured and there's no way you can replace it? Or perhaps you have a very specific idea for a gift but can't seem to find anything like it on sale? If only...

For a supermarket to be successful and make sales, selling the right products might not be enough. The way your products are displayed to the customers (a process called visual merchandising) is also vital. While an attractive exterior and brightly coloured signs might encourage people...

Until I purchased my own home, the only contact I had with interior design ideas was through home and lifestyle magazines. And after years of looking at the lovely homes of celebrities on TV, I figured I had enough knowledge and have developed a fine taste to transform my newly bought house into an inviting living space. So I decided on my starting point - the windows. In the old apartment that I rented, I didn't have a chance to dress up my windows as they came with pre-installed outside shutters that were quite old-fashioned and started to warp from the moisture-and-salt-rich air that comes with living near the coast. So I in this new beginning I saw a chance to add my favourite window treatment type – roman blinds.
Autumn is officially here! While some people are currently enjoying the refreshing drop in temperatures, others are dreading the fact that we're getting closer and closer to winter. Especially the ones like me – the perpetually cold people. There's an upside to this though - the chilly weather is the perfect excuse to adorn your home with stylish new accents that will help you stay warm and cozy. Like for instance, a bamboo throw – one for the sofa, one for the bed, one for your reading nook.
After a certain amount of time of working from a desk in an office, you develop certain aches that come along with the job you have chosen. These bodily strains aren't just a problem because of the pain they cause, but they can also disrupt your workflow and level of productivity if you constantly have to stop and just walk around the office because you can't bear to be at your desk anymore. Luckily, there are a few items that can help you out greatly.

Summer might be approaching its end, but we here in Australia are lucky to get to enjoy mild autumns that allow us to steal some wonderful moments of sunshine every now and then. So, instead of staying inside your home, why not make the most...

If you're asking me, no garden is ever complete without trees. They evoke a serene, forest-like atmosphere and give your outdoor space a refreshing shade that adds much to its looks and it's the perfect spot to lounge during hot summer days. However, if you let the trees in your garden grow out of control, they can easily disturb that much sought after ambiance and balance. It has happened to almost every tree owner; they go on a vacation and focus on other things for a while and before they know it, their trees' branches have grown so rapidly and abundantly that they have started weighing the tree down, stunt its growth and present a possible safety risk. Yup, you know it, it's time for trimming! Or pruning? Wait, which one was it?