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Author: Stephanie Tierney

A cosy sofa is one of the greatest pleasures in a home. It's your safe corner where you can unplug and unwind from your worries. It's also the largest element in your living room, and as such, it has the power to influence the whole...

For most women, a wardrobe is considered incomplete without a pair or two of heels. There’s no doubt they’re fashion staples, and they give off that stylish vibe ideal for formal and informal occasions alike, so whenever one wants to make an outfit more feminine, there’s always this type of footwear to turn to. [caption id="attachment_1548" align="aligncenter" width="846"]Comfort Julies high heels for stylish girls Source: footgear[/caption]

After my mates convinced me that I should join them for a road cycling adventure, I began looking for the right entry-level bike to get me in the cycling game. With a little bit of research regarding the different types of road cycling bikes and...

When it comes to designing or redesigning a kitchen, the sink tap is one of the things to pay special attention to both when it comes to function and aesthetics. Today's models are especially noticeable as the modern designs rise above the sink in matt or shiny finish. It's even safe to say that they can act like kitchen centrepieces. That being said, when it comes to choosing the right kitchen taps, they are some key elements one should consider before in order to make the right choice.
Quality work attire is the most important thing in terms of looking professional. The reasons for the widespread usage of uniforms are commonly known. One of the most obvious ones is that uniforms help in the differentiation between employees and customers. If all your employees are wearing the same work attire, then your customers will be sure who to approach for help. Another great reason is the fact that sometimes work can be messy. And no one wants to wear their good clothes for a job like that. So, to make sure that all employees look presentable, business owners should provide them with quality work attire.
It seems to me that some women’s shoe trends don’t exactly have comfort in mind. There are widespread fashionable shoes that are either too high, too tight, or too pointy at the toes. Wearing shoes like these for extended periods of time can affect women’s foot health and cause some painful and ugly looking blisters. And seeing how there aren’t a lot of women’s extra wide shoes on the market, once those blisters form it is especially hard to get rid of them. Most shoes you can purchase only exacerbate the problems.

We all think we have it tough at work, right? But the truth is that some jobs can be a bit tougher than others. According to a research, jobs involving mental acuity and public service hold the position of toughest jobs in today's modern Australian...

Without a doubt, bags and handbags are the most essential types of accessories for women. They are an inevitable part of a lady's outfit, so it should go without saying that bags are women's best friends. Out of all types of handbags, the crossbody bags seem to be the most commonly used ones among women of all ages (even among teens and little fashionistas).