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Author: Stephanie Tierney

A friend of mine recently took me to a sauna. She had been talking and constantly complaining about the fact that there is no sauna in the gym we go to, so she took matters in her hands and arranged a little treat for us...

There is no doubt that the kitchen floor takes the most beating in any household, thus it goes without saying that it should be durable and easy to clean. If you're considering a kitchen renovation and looking for the most appropriate flooring solution, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the different types is of paramount importance. In today's post, we;re on the hunt for the ever praised trio - looks, style and endurance. Let's get to work.

Teens are all about independence and staying as far away from their parents as possible. It's that period when they only want to be with their friends, locked in their rooms listening to loud music or out experimenting and having fun. They always seem to look for their own personal space and no parent should try to take this desire and curiosity away from them. These are hard years for kids, so instead of making it even harder for them, the whole family should try to respect their emotional and physical changes, because what they're going through is a real roller coaster of emotions and we all know that very well because we've already been through it.

I think those people who say they don’t care much about the appearance of their homes share Pinocchio’s lying tendency. Even if you’re not exactly the person who enjoys decorating, don’t consider yourself as much of a connoisseur of styles or how to play with them, you still add things in the very place you call home with the purpose of making it feel homey and that’s what matters. The word most of us associate with home is comfort and that’s where furniture plays a great role. I used to be one of those who didn’t exactly have faith in their own decorating skills, but after equipping myself with sufficient amount of magazines, I got the courage enough to try out.
We go on with our lives day in and day out, giving our full attention to work and everyday problems without spending the least bit of time taking care of ourselves. I know I speak for most, because I used to be a person who always put optimal well-being as top priority and only then everything else. That was until things got more demanding at work, technology changes brought for program and schedule changes so let’s just say my job stopped being so fun and turned into too serious all of a sudden which left me little to no time to actually pay attention to a tooth that’s been giving me some trouble. oral_health
When it comes to clothes and fashion in general, all women turn to their favourite celebrities for inspiration, and there’s no shame in admitting it. After all, famous singers and actresses are the ones who work with reputable professional stylists and world-renowned fashion designers, which is why their look is always impeccable (well, nearly always). Speaking of female movie stars with refined taste in clothes, the style of Margot Robbie, Australia’s promising young actress, simply must be mentioned. Even though “Suicide Squad” has failed to impress many film critics as well as the majority of DC’s most loyal fans, Margot hasn’t stopped attracting the public’s attention, mainly because of her unique and chic style. From streets to red carpets, Ms. Robbie seems to have a perfect outfit for every occasion. Here’s what we can learn (or be reminded of) from some of her most memorable street looks and boldest red carpet gowns.
Homes speak volumes about their inhabitants. There are those that immediately make you feel comfortable upon entering, spreading some pleasant vibe be it for the use of certain aromas, or the choice of furniture and the way it’s arranged, others make you confused with their own confusion expressed by the mix of styles or piles of objects. Some are passionate about antiques, preferring the style of bygone eras, others go for a more up to date look, either modern with its steering towards use of more natural materials or minimalist, eliminating anything and everything that is considered excessive. And then there was mine, not sure in which group it actually belonged. Glowpear-Urban-Garden
Some may say that it's too expensive and too impractical to follow interior design trends with all the furniture pieces and decorative elements you need to change quite often in order to be trendy. After all, this isn't clothes we're talking about (and we all looove buying a new piece of clothes every now and then), so I can agree with the notion that it's somehow, expensive. But think of it this way: if you can't afford to change your furniture every year or so, then you most certainly can be creative and add a dose of trendiness here and there to refresh the appearance of your rooms and keep up with current trends. Just like in clothing, accessories are the key. However, if you don't have the proper base for your taste (likes and admirations in interior design), you won't be able to pull this off. Again, just like when you look to dress up trendy and fashionable, but still be you. So, lets tackle the process of becoming a trendy interior design guru who knows how to get the most of a room with few simple tricks. In the focus in this post: your living room.

What is love without a love mark on the neck to state “I'm taken”? Well, it is also love, only without a kiss bite, also known as a hickey. However, many couples like these bruises that result from aggressive kissing or sucking on a soft...

We're all witnesses of the boom of the fashion blogging trend; a tough competition between people with extraordinary style and skills for make up and hair along with a creative ability to combine clothes and accessories, resulting in a stunning vision worth millions of social media followers. That consequently meant covers in top fashion magazines, launching their own shoes, clothes and accessories line, modelling/brand ambassador deals and all kinds of fruitful business opportunities for the top cream of this new fashion group of people. For the vast fashion public this seemed like enough recognition to turn to the more approachable trend setters: the street style icons. Still basing their outfits on what major fashion brands dictate and using the opportunity less expensive brands offer, street stylers express their creativity in combining pieces and colours that make the point in their own unique way. From shoes to handbag - everything is by the latest trends but combined with a dose of the individuality and uniqueness of the fashionista, resulting in a dazzling fashion scene rich with styles for every taste. Among the other currently trending pieces from the fashionista's closet, in the focus on this blog post will be the latest womens handbags trends that vary from large, luscious designs, to small, extremely eye-catchy clutches.