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Everything You Need to Know About Thermal Clothing

Everything You Need to Know About Thermal Clothing

If you’re a hunter, and especially if you’re a hunter in Australia, you’ll know all about changes of weather and how easy it can be for you to be cold one minute, but boiling up on the inside the next. Australia has been blessed with amazing nature and lots of wildlife which create the perfect conditions for passionate hunters to practice their sport. However, as pretty as nature is, it can also be quite harsh, so being properly prepared when you’re about to go off into the wilderness is of utmost importance. This, of course, means carrying quite a bit of items with you.

Australian Hunting

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Australian Hunting: What You’ll Need

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that hunting isn’t just plain shooting. There’s actually much more to it than that. If you want to get the game you’ve been looking for, you’ll need to be on foot a lot, stalk your prey, often stay stationary at one place for long periods of time, and do a number of other activities that will allow you to successfully bring home whatever it was you went out there to get. When you look at it this way, shooting is actually at the bottom of the list.

Having all of this in mind, aside from your rifle, you’re going to need a lot of hunting accessories, as well as things that will help you ease the weather conditions and make them a bit more bearable. All of these items will need to fit into one backpack and be light enough to not slow you down.

Clothing is usually the thing that takes up most of the space when on these trips. Nobody wants to freeze up in the mountains, so carrying appropriate clothing that will keep you warm enough is imperative. Unfortunately, these pieces of clothing are usually pretty bulky, making keeping your backpack light is nearly impossible…Well, unless you know what kind of clothing you need to bring, that is!

thermal hunting gear

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Thermal Hunting Clothing: High Performance, High Comfort

Have you ever heard of thermal hunting clothing or insulated hunting clothes? They are not exclusively made for hunting, of course, but a heavy accent is put on that activity in the manufacturing process. Thermal hunting gear is specifically created to be able to control the weather from the inside rather than from the outside. What I mean by this is that the design and materials used in this type of clothing are able to adapt to the conditions outside and keep you cool when you need to be, but also warm you up. Remember how I talked about the weather changing quickly? Well, thermal clothing is the answer to that problem. Here are a few useful facts you should know before you buy thermal hunting gear for yourself.

Thermal leggings

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The Options

There aren’t any fancy thermal clothing options, but who needs fancy when you can have functional? Built for high activity, thermal leggings can be used alone or as a primary layer of clothing for a whole lot of extra warmth and comfort. You can wear them under long pants or below shorts as an additional layer of protection against the brush. Thermal leggings can be made from merino wool or from a special kind of polyester that’s highly stretchable, highly breathable, and very comfortable.

Both of these materials possess a moisture wicking ability which will allow you to feel cool and dry no matter what the weather is like. They’re also very lightweight, so if you’re not wearing them you’ll have no issue storing the pair in your backpack and taking it along the way. Made with stalking in mind, they produce no sound and are overall quite the effective hunting clothing item.

Of course, there are also tops available in both short and long-sleeved options. They possess virtually the same qualities as the leggings, with each style having its own matching companion for a full outfit. You can also find accessories, like beanies, to complete the look and keep your body at an ideal temperature from head to toe!


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The Designs

As I said before, even though they can be worn in a variety of other situations, these thermal clothes are specially made with hunting in mind, so their designs reflect that. Coming in either a plain, dark grey colour or a camo pattern, they’ll allow you to blend in with your surroundings completely. If you’re planning on wearing any of the clothing as a first layer, I’d recommend getting the grey set or any other set in a plain colour as they are much more suitable to be worn underneath, since they are usually the ones made out of merino paired with a bit of mesh to keep things warm and dry.

However, if there’s no need for layering, the camo sets should be your go-to items as they’ll allow you to blend in perfectly with the underbrush and make your hunting escapade much more succesful, not to menton comfortable. After all, stalking your prey is half the work of hunting, while staying unnoticed is half the work of stalking, so the camo set is truly going to excel.

To Conclude

No matter which set you get, you can expect a comfortable, snug fit, absolute freedom of movement, and excellent temperature control. These very reasonably-priced thermal hunting clothing sets come in every size and can fit both sexes, so no matter who you are and where you’re planning on going, a superb hunting experience is totally guaranteed, all you’ll need to do is enjoy the scenery and score that game!

Stephanie Tierney