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From Cushions to Curtains: Creative Ways to Incorporate Linen into Your Decor

linen cushions

From Cushions to Curtains: Creative Ways to Incorporate Linen into Your Decor

Linen has long been considered a luxurious fabric and the oldest known textile. With mentions in ancient Greece, traded as a commodity in Egypt and Mesopotamia and a 36 000-year-old history in Europe, there has to be something special about this material. From fashion to houseware, this versatile fabric has become a much sought-after product, and with reason.

Made from the fibres of the flax plant, a pretty blue flowered crop, the linen is a strong, lightweight, breathable, and absorbent material, holding 20 % of its weight in water without a sensation of dampness. This makes it ideal, not only for clothing but for bedding and other household items that we use daily as well. It is thermoregulating, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in winter.

As a durable fabric that is easy to care for, it can last for a long time, and with time and wear it actually gets softer to the touch. You can find cushions made of linen, tableware, curtains, and more home decor pieces that can bring pleasure and beauty to your everyday lives. Here are some creative ways you can incorporate linen into your homes.


linen cushions

Although the term bed linen actually covers different materials used to cover a mattress, the fact that is part of the word tells us that linen was ultimately one of the first fabrics used for bed sheets.

Why is that? The soft, almost creamy-like texture makes the sheets feel warm to the touch. And the breezy, breathable properties that help in regulating the temperature, combined with the absorbent qualities make the material valuable for hot sleepers or people who experience night sweats. Its natural crinkles make the bed, and linen pillows look inviting and cosy, plus super easy to care for since there is no need for ironing.

There are plenty of good reasons why you should try this type of bedding if you already haven’t. You won’t regret it.


Cushions are the perfect home accessories that can transform the ambience and change the whole vibe of the interior. Chosen carefully, they can brighten up your space, reflect your personal style and give that oomph that will change the look and feel of your entire home. They are one piece of home décor that doesn’t cost an arm or a leg but brings a major difference.

Adding a few linen cushions will freshen up the space and give you a more inviting warm feeling that makes your home your personal heaven. The hypoallergenic fabric used for cushions linen means that everyone in the house and all your guests can enjoy their comfort.

The vast array of colours, designs and patterns they are available in, gives you all the freedom you need in decorating, but just in case you need some help, here are a few tricks to keep in mind:
• If your sofa set is neutral and soft-toned, you can opt for bright-coloured, contrast cushions with horizontal and vertical lines to make it more interesting.
• Play with the number of cushions, their size and shape – conventional square-shaped ones mixed with rectangular, oval or round may sound too daring, but try and see what works for you, you might be surprised.
• Mix and match the prints – one set can be subtle with fine details and another bold and eccentric; floral, lines, geometrical patterns, don’t be afraid to use them.
• Match the colour of the curtains, or choose a recurring design that goes through the whole home to follow the flow.

Just remember a simple thing – be aware of the style and flair you want to create in your room – minimalistic, futuristic, classy, elegant or romantic, and go from there. You don’t have to follow any rules, make it your own.


linen curtains

When it comes to choosing the fabric for curtains, you might want to know that linen is one the most desired and popular, and there are plenty of reasons why.

• It’s a fabric that never goes out of style bringing elegance and a touch of luxury. It drapes beautifully, so it’s excellent for curtains in every room.
• It is safe for your health since there is no use of chemicals in the production process, and it is less flammable compared to other fabrics. Along with being allergy-friendly, it is an ideal textile for kids’ rooms and nurseries.
• Regardless of the colour, the fabric does not block the light entirely but welcomes light while still giving you privacy.


Yet another place where this natural material can be very practical and aesthetically pleasing is kitchen linen. This covers tablecloths, table runners, napkins, placemats and tea towels. Because of its highly absorbent features, the fabric protects the table beneath from food and drink spills, not to mention the classy look it gives to the dining room area.

And since it is machine washable, you don’t have to worry about getting those stains out. No matter how much detergent the items come into contact with or how many cycles of washing they go through, the threads and yarn will not unravel or become impaired.
In fact, in the past, home linen used to be passed from one generation to the next. Now, that’s speaking of durability, right?

Why Is Linen a Sustainable Material?

linen cushion covers

The last, but certainly not the least property of linen we will mention here is its sustainability.

Flex grows easily, requires little pesticides, absorbs carbon and uses less water than other sources of fabric. It is also used as a rotation crop, improving the quality of the soil and supporting the growth of other crops.

The production of linen items uses significantly less water compared to cotton or other fabrics. If you choose naturally occurring colours such as ivory, ecru, oatmeal or taupe, then you know that no chemical dyes were used in the process and no harmful chemicals were released into the environment.

Linen is an eco-conscious fibre, and a fantastic material for every season and style, so don’t hesitate to include it in every aspect of your home.

Stephanie Tierney