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Night Driving Caution: Led Light Bars are Safe and Cool Off-Road Lighting Option


Night Driving Caution: Led Light Bars are Safe and Cool Off-Road Lighting Option

For a lot of Australian outdoor enthusiasts, off-road driving has become a great pastime. Particularly, off-road driving at night is becoming increasingly more popular. There’s just something about driving in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere that offers its own unique set of challenges and thrills. Even though it might sound scary at first, it really isn’t if you have the right set of lights mounted on your truck to illuminate the way for you.

If you’re looking to get into this pastime activity, and are in need for a lighting solution, Led light bars Australia enthusiasts recommend highly for multiple reasons. They look great on your vehicle, even throughout the day, and provide tons of functionality and utility when darkness falls. There are other types of lighting solutions, but LEDs are by far the best. Here’s why Led light bars Australia enthusiasts opt for the most:

First and foremost, they’re incredibly efficient. They use about a tenth of the halogen bulb equivalent. This means they won’t take a toll on your vehicle’s battery as much as other types of bulbs. Next, they’re very compact and even the smaller bulbs are capable of producing more light than much larger incandescent and halogen bulbs.

Furthermore, LEDs are extremely durable and last a very long time. They have a life-span of over 30k hours (are likely to outlast your vehicle), and their small circuit board isn’t sensitive to impact or vibrations. Lastly, they come in different shapes, sizes, colours which allows for personal customization.

Typically, there are a couple of different beam patterns that are popular among off-road enthusiasts: flood, spot and combined. There isn’t a wrong or right choice when it comes to picking a beam pattern. It’s more about budget, personal preference and specific situations. If you can afford it, a combo deal can be ideal for basically any situation.

Depending on the type of beam pattern you purchase, there are a few locations you can typically mount them on your truck. The easiest location to have a light bar mounted on is the front bumper. Bumpers generally have holes on the already so buying extra mounting equipment isn’t required. Even if that isn’t the case, drilling a bumper is an easy and quick job so you can place your brand new lights exactly where you want or need them. You can place a single, large light bar or two medium size light bars.

Ian Tompson