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Ute Tray Canopy: Maximize Your Storage Space

Ute Tray Canopy: Maximize Your Storage Space

Extra storage space is always at a premium in a ute. The focus usually falls on practical accessories which make the driving experience more enjoyable. And if that is all sorted out, there are several issues involving a safe ride of your ute off-road. It can be inconsequential like an issue with the cabin windows or a serious problem with your brakes or with your transmission. Regardless of what the issue is, truth is that the storage puzzle in a ute is put aside and this doesn’t always work in favour of all your cargo.

Fortunately, other 4×4 ute owners have been in your shoes and there are shortcuts to make the most out of the space above your four wheels. And the good news is, these are quite handy no matter what you use your truck for. While some storage solutions work for both tradies and off-road campers, others are bespoke and tailored for a specific use.

Ute Tray Canopies

When you want to maximize the space you can secure with a lock, a ute canopy is the way to go. It will make the most of the space above your ute tray. These can be configured in a manner that is most convenient for you. You don’t have to go for a custom solution, because there are many standardized covers like dual cab canopies, extra cab canopies. Even single cab canopies can be quickly installed and used.

heavy ute canopy

source: austates.com.au

Since these covers are going to be exposed to the harsh Australian weather, it’s best to go for a durable long-term solution. Making your ute tray canopy from aluminium is a great way to accomplish this. Make sure the materials put into your canopy are made to last – this applies to all components and not only to the marine-grade aluminium shell. Look for whale tail locks and stainless steel hinges. It’s these features that will determine the eventual service life of the canopy. These and the box section base frame along with seam welded reinforcements in the ceiling.

An aluminium ute canopy can be put to use by off-road 4×4 enthusiasts and tradies alike. This is possible because you can furnish them according to your needs. Some want one door, others want four and this can all be found with little to no effort (just look for weather-resistant rubber seals). The difference between ute tray camping canopies and a canopy tray back there is virtually non-existent when you buy ute canopy. All these different uses come only after you install it and depend upon the way you will organize this internal storage space.

Ute Tool Drawers

ute tool drawers

source: unsplash.com

Speaking about organizing under your ute tray canopy – you can also go for drawers. They will allow you to separate different types of items you don’t want to put together. For instance, your workwear and a messy power tool you don’t have the time to polish on the spot. And you certainly don’t need to be a tradie to find yourself in need of drawers. Even if you are simply on an off-road track or you are out camping in the bush, you still might need a hand tool or two. And it’s always good to know where to look for your toolset. If you go for high-quality ute drawers, not only will your equipment be safe, but you’ll also be able to secure it from unauthorized access. They make these drawers modular these days so you can either stack them or put them side by side. You can use standardized sizes to make a custom layout.

Ute Under Tray Storage

We are talking about maximizing storage space here and this next contraption is a perfect exercise in doing just that. Taking advantage of any unused space below your tray is an option too. This undertray space can be highly restrictive in what you can fit there. It depends on many factors. They start from the available subsurface area down there and end up with the many other accessories you want to be placed there. For example, your vehicle recovery gear, towing hitches, suspension and the like may limit your choices to a significant degree. This doesn’t mean you should stop looking for a solution. We all know every bit of storage is precious in a ute out in the hinterland, so estimate your needs. You can easily find under tray compartments with a stainless steel piano hinge and lockable door.

under tray storage

source: unsplash.com

Ute Roof Top Storage

While it’s true that a canopy is not a proper cabin roof, you can still use it to put a thing or two on top. You’ll just need to make sure you don’t exceed the weight capacity of your canopy roof. This is one of the reasons to go for a heavy-duty and sturdy material to make your canopy in the first place. In terms of occupational use in your line of work, you can store bulky, yet lightweight accessories up there, like a ladder for example. And if you’re camping, you can mount a bike, a jerry can or small-sized recovery gear like tracks. Proper planning will get you far.

Ian Tompson