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The Different Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

picture of three women sitting on a white soffa wearing different color clothes and diferente shoes

The Different Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Did you know that around 14.5 to 19 billion pairs of shoes are sold worldwide every year with an estimated market worth of about $352 billion? That’s a lot of shoes and a lot of money. And even though this means 2 pairs of shoes to each person on the planet, around 600 million people don’t own a single pair of shoes. Since their origin, shoes have been an essential part of our lives.

Their first and most important function is to protect our feet from the natural elements, injuries and infections. They make walking comfortable and alleviate pain. But shoes have long evolved past their primary function, and today, one of their main roles is complementing outfits and taking looks to a different level.

Shoes Every Woman Should Have

As fashion moved forward, so did footwear for women. Nowadays there are so many styles and designs that it’s impossible to have them all. Flats, heels, open toe, open heel, for a night-our, for running, for work, for hot and cold weather, the choices are endless. But there are several types of shoes that every woman should definitely have.

Thong Sandals

source: Anna Tarazevich on pexels

Fashion has taught us that no trend is forever gone. At one point, it will come back in a reinvented contemporary design and create a new trend wave. This was the case with mom jeans, shoulder pads and square-toe shoes. This exact thing happened with thong sandals. They were popular during the 1990s and early 2000s and made a comeback recently. They caught the attention of designers and we were all overwhelmed with nostalgia.

These shoes are very comfortable and so versatile. Since they appeared on the market, women worldwide have been wearing them with every outfit. What’s more, womens thong sandals are the perfect piece of footwear to have in your closet. They can be made from different materials, have different heel heights and styles, and have so many design choices that you can wear them on any occasion. They are simple and casual, and can elevate any fashion combination.

You can combine them with linen wide-leg pants, a matching handbag and shirt for a relaxing day by the pool or a midi skirt and a tank top for a day out. High-waisted shorts are another option, flared jeans from the 70s with a fun shirt will also work. Any type of dress, short, long, patterned or one colour, will match these so-called flip flops for women. And if you don’t wear any of this, the combination of classic jeans and a simple t-shirt will work as well. You can take your summer style to the next level with premium-quality womens thong sandals.


picture of a woman wearing a black dress walking on a sidewalk in stilettos
source: Kieu Tien Nguyen on pexels

Every occasion, season, and mood requires a different pair of stilettos. Stilettos come in various styles, from formal to casual, and can be found in reputable brand stores. To begin, the most critical factor to consider before purchasing stilettos is your height. Stilettos come in a variety of heights, including low, short, and high.

Whatever you select, it’s all about your comfort zone. Even the type of heel should be one you are most at ease with. It’s impossible to be gorgeous and uneasy at the same time. If walking in pencil heels makes you feel uncomfortable, switch to block heels. First and foremost, there must be comfort.

Then, determine what the occasion is. The basic division is between casual and formal. Glittered, leather, monotone, pointed stilettos are favoured for formal wear. Causal stilettos can be brightly coloured, funky, have peep toes, or be any other great pair of heels. This is the most straightforward consideration to make when deciding what to wear.


picture of stylished woman sitting on the sidewalk

The mule, which was all the rage in 1990, made a significant comeback when fashion houses like Prada and Gucci included it on their runway. Because it is adaptable, elegant, and authentic, this footwear has become the darling of fashionistas. Although heels are still in style, these shoes have been redesigned: the beak can be rounded, squared, or pointed, and versions with or without heels are now available.

All of these variations have one thing that binds them: comfort. The mule is ideal for a variety of events, including going to college with a simple tee, working in your office with a classic shirt, or going out, because it is both elegant and comfy. The best part is that, unlike other types of footwear, the mule can be made out of various materials, including leather, suede, velvet, and even plastic or rubber. These types could be simple, printed, embroidered, or include buckles.


picture of a woman wearing white denim and white sneakers sitting on a bench reading a menu

Wearing decent sneakers might make you feel better and help you avoid injuries. This decision will impact your entire body, not just your feet. Sneakers serve as a basis for the body, much like a house’s foundation. The house will become unsteady if it is built on a mushy foundation. If you choose a shoe with a squishy base, the same thing will happen to your body. Gently bend the toe of a shoe to check its foundation. When it folds in half, you know it’s overly soft. It has good support if it bends slightly but remains generally rigid.

Flat soles on certain popular sneakers might cause pain over time. The ones with arches give you more balance and stability by providing support across the bottom of your foot. Choosing a shoe with a built-in arch is preferable to using an insert.

Lace-up sneakers are generally favoured over slip-ons because they give more support and keep your foot firmly attached to the shoe’s sole. Don’t buy a shoe just because it’s your favourite colour, is on sale, or was recommended by a friend. Choose the one that feels most natural to you. Try on a variety of brands and designs, and avoid shoes with a tiny toe box and less than a finger’s breadth gap between your big toe and the next toe.

Stephanie Tierney