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The Right Cat Bed Is Important for Your Feline’s Health

The Right Cat Bed Is Important for Your Feline’s Health

Just like people, cats enjoy the cozy softness of a comfortable and warm bed. That is why, it is advisable to look for a good quality cat bed that can give your feline a comfortable space to rest and sleep. Since there are many different types of cat beds, you are probably wondering which one is the right one for your ball of fur.

Well, the most important part is to find a cat bed that can provide the ultimate relaxation for your kitty and can have positive impact on her health. So, maybe it’s time to consider buying a cuddler cat bed and help your feline friend reap the benefits of it.

cat laying in bed

The Importance of Having a Cat Cuddler Bed

Cats love sleeping. Some kitties can even sleep 18 hours a day. So, if you want to keep your furry pal healthy and happy, you should choose the right cat bed. A cat cuddler bed is designed to calm and relax your pet. It has a super soft long pile faux fur with soft raised walls and a deep sleep area that can provide a comfortable, safe and secure sleeping space for a cat. It is so soft and warm that she would enjoy hours of snuggling, cuddling, curling and stretching.

Moreover, most cuddler cat beds have removable outer ring and cushion that you can easily wash in the washing machine. It is advisable to look for cat cuddler beds that are filled with a special blend of Australian foam and recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibre, specifically designed for pets, because it can provide the perfect combination of stability and comfort. Plus, it can be soft enough for your pet to ‘nest’ but firm enough to cushion. Furthermore, the zipped access to the foam can help you to top up the filling if you ever need to, or if it doesn’t fit in your washing machine.

dog and cat laying in cuddler bed

So, what are the benefits of having a cuddler cat bed?

More Room to Stretch

If you already have a cat, you know very well how it feels to lose your personal space. So, for this reason it is essential that you find a high-quality cat cuddler bed that can offer the comfort she needs. Once you find it, you won’t feel guilty about having your bed just for yourself.

Support and Comfort

Once you get a new cat in your home, it is your responsibility to ensure that she is comfortable. Choosing a quality cat cuddler bed featuring advanced support and foam system that can keep your cat supported and comfortable while sleeping is your best bet. The cuddler cat bed’s walls are stitched to keep all the padding in the right channel, so it keeps its primary shape after coming out of the wash. That’s why, it always provides good weight distribution and support for your cat’s muscles and joints which is very important for her to develop healthy muscles and bones.

A Place to Call Her Own

cat in a boot made cuddler bed

Because cats are territorial by nature, they gravitate towards specific areas in your home so there they can sleep, nap or relax at peace. Therefore, a larger sized cat bed that can provide them with a complete comfort where they can blissfully sink into the middle will offer them a special spot in the house that they can call their own. Larger cat beds may provide your kitty with optimal comfort and help her recover from stress or illness. If you have more than one cat, they may also decide to share the bed (if it’s large enough) which can save you more space.

Helps With Potential Skin Problems

Cats tend to rub their elbow skin against hard surfaces which can lead to ulcers. So, if she sleeps in a cozy, soft bed of great quality, you can be relieved from that pressure and be sure that your cat won’t hurt herself while sleeping or resting.

Manages Arthritis

Unfortunately, rheumatoid arthritis is a common issue in older cats. According to a recent study, almost 90% of senior cats have arthritis. That is why, it’s very important to invest in a cuddler cat bed that provides orthopedic support and has high sides that help support your cat’s joints, relieving pressure and making them more comfortable.

How to Get Your Cat to Use the Cat Bed?

Cats are known to be very stubborn and you need to have a lot of patience before you teach them certain things. So when you buy new cat bed, she may not like if at first. Once you put the bed in front of your feline friend, you may get just one curious sniff and then she will be back to her favourite spot. Therefore, you may need to come up with a new tactic to make your cat sleep in it.

cat cuddler bed

First thing you should do is place the bed in a position where your cat feels safe, comfortable and secure. It is best if you put the bed in the spot where she usually sleeps because that may encourage her to use it. Sometimes, putting a new toy may help you with the mission. Cats love playing with toys so if you make her play with the toy near the bed, or in the bed, she can get used to it and eventually start sleeping there.

You can also try with fresh catnip. Catnip is a herb from the mint family that alters the behaviour of domestic and other cat species due to its active ingredient nepetalactone which is an essential oil that cats respond to. So, catnip can be a great way to trigger your cat’s interest in something new and encourage her to roll around in the bed.

Anyway, you should never force your cat to sit or lie down there because that way you can cause a negative association with that spot and before you can blink she may run out through the cat access door and hide. Remember, cats want to be praised, so in order to force them to step in the bed, you can start giving them treats as soon as they sit there.

Ian Tompson