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5 Popular Tactical Flashlight Brands

5 Popular Tactical Flashlight Brands

As the name suggests, a tactical flashlight is a flashlight designed for tactical users, i.e. for military and police. Typically, these are smaller than traditional flashlights, they emit much more light, and provide maximum durability. Plus, they are a really handy everyday and personal tool for the average civilian as well. Yes, you may use phone flashlight apps, but the real thing excels in power and efficiency. There are many popular flashlight brands that create high-quality tactical flashlights. In addition, I am going to discuss some of the most common and popular ones on the market these days.

Olight Tactical Flashlight

picture of olight tactical flashlight
source: airsoft-milsim-news.com

When looking for quality and durability Olight tactical flashlight is one of your top choices. Olight is a premium Chinese flashlight company started in 2006. When this company started turning its efforts toward tactical flashlights, it has become a quite popular brand all around the world. This company is well-known in the community for shaking up against the stagnant world of tactical flashlights by bringing innovative tech just like high output and magnetic USB recharging into a sturdy and reliable enough for tactical use package. All their products are tested to meet ANSI FL1 standards, which means that they’re backing up their claims for quality products with hard proof.

There is no doubt that Olight provides flashlights with unbeatable performance and indestructible build. They are made by using aluminium aerospace alloy which creates resistance to damage from impact, crushing, or bending, without adding unnecessary excess weight. Olight flashlights are made as strong and light as possible without sacrificing strength. Olight offer tactical flashlights that are guaranteed to fit any need.

These tactical flashlights are generally fitted with light-emitting diodes (LED). LEDs are becoming increasingly omnipresent across all aspects of illumination products. They offer many advantages over traditional incandescent bulbs and other alternatives. Generally, LEDs are the most efficient illumination and lighting source. They emit more light per watt with an estimated energy efficiency of 80% to 90% when compared to traditional lighting. In addition, they are designed to focus their light output and can be directed to a specific location without the use of an external reflector.

An Olight tactical flashlight can be powered by different types of power sources, such as AAA alkaline, AA alkaline, 18650 rechargeable batteries, CR123A Li-Ion, and their proprietary rechargeable lithium battery pack. Each of these power sources has its own strength. There are flashlight models that fit every type of need and application, with battery options to match.

These tactical flashlights can provide output up to 3200 lumens, depending on the model. When it comes to beam distance, the maximum they can reach is 1080m, again, depending on the model.

Klarus Tactical Flashlights

picture of Klaus tactical flashlight
source: theawesomer.com

Klarus is a newer Chinese company founded in 2011. If you are looking for innovation and reliability Klarus tactical flashlight may be the right choice for you. What sets these flashlights apart from the others is the choice of products they offer with brightness levels up to 2000 lumens.

Klarus company makes solidly built quality flashlights that are easy to use and hold up in various weather conditions. These flashlights’ bodies are crafted from aircraft-grade aluminium alloy with a hard-anodised finish and they have a stainless steel strike bezel that may be used to break glass, as a self-defence tool. The technology of these flashlights can get pretty impressive, with a programmable user interface, auto-adjusting output, and a magnetic charger with a self-locating base. They also feature top tier drop and water resistance (IPX-8).

Typically, Klarus tactical flashlights are LED lights. They have a 1000-metre extended beam searchlight. Some of them also provide red and blue light for hunting. LED flashlights are internally rechargeable, which means that they are powered up by using any USB power source and include a rechargeable battery, most commonly 18650 and CR123A.

Klarus flashlights usually have three operating modes:

  • Conventional tactical mode – standard operating with side switch for ease of use
  • Hunting mode – provides access to instant high or low modes without strobe mode
  • Ultimate Tactical Mode – deactivates the side switch and limits modes to strobe and turbo only, with the option of momentary on tactical action
  • Some of them also feature an outdoor setting, i.e. access to a turbo, high, medium, low, and S.O.S. mode. When it comes to switch types, these flashlights most commonly offer dual tactical tail switch and side switch.

Fenix Tactical Flashlights

picture of a fenix tactical flashlight
source: all4shooters.com

Since 2005, the name of this company appears on top lists as they gained recognition with the foundational goal. Fenix company wanted to produce the best lights at the best price while still maintaining high quality.

As with most tactical flashlights, Fenix flashlights also offer aircraft-grade aluminium exteriors and a hard-anodized finish. They are waterproof, offer lumens of 1000 and beyond, provide multiple light modes, cutting-edge LED technology, and offer up to 150 hours of light on the lowest light setting. Fenix offer lights for every purpose and for every budget.

NiteCore Tactical Flashlights

picture of nitecore tactical flashlight
source: goldenplazadistributors.com

NiteCore company, though young, is one of the leaders when it comes to companies that produce tactical flashlights. It has led to advancements like the Smart Piston Drive System and Smart Selector Ring technologies. The Smart Ring Tactical Series offers a line of tactical flashlights with the Smart Selector Ring which allows their users to adjust light modes, brightness, and integrated multi-colour LEDs. Then, there is Crystalline Coating Technology that increases reflector performance while the exterior made of aircraft-grade aluminium alloy and the HA III military grade coating makes these flashlights light and rugged.

NiteCore tactical flashlight brightness ranges from 750 lumens up to 2000+. Users may expect to pay between $50 and $140, depending on the model.

ThruNite Tactical Flashlights

picture of a ThruNite tactical flashlight
source: zeroair.org

This brand’s founder names his company ThruNite because he wanted to create quality products to “get you through the night”. ThruNite flashlights are simple, effective, and cost-efficient in order to be available for everyone. There are some traditional battery ThruNite options as well as rechargeable systems. Each one of these models offers Type III hard-anodized finished, strike bezels, and multiple light modes. These flashlights provide impressive brightness levels with 200 lumens for the most basic model to over 1100 lumens for the top ones.

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