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There are different types of camping lighting solutions that you could go for, and having a quality Thrunite Torch to guide you can be very helpful
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What Equipment and Gear to Take Camping

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What Equipment and Gear to Take Camping

Spending a night in the great Australian outdoors can be a great adventure or disaster if you’re not properly prepared. It might seem like a simple task, but there are plenty of things to consider. Firstly, you need to know how much time you’ll be camping because it will influence the things you need to take. If you plan on spending just one night, you could pack several essentials that you know you’ll use. But if you plan to spend several days or a week outdoors, packing can turn into a nightmare.

Secondly, you need to take into consideration the surrounding area and its advantages or disadvantages. Is there water that’s safe to drink, or do you need to filter it? Is there any water near you at all? If an accident happens, how much time would you need to get to a hospital or to someone that could help? What’s the weather forecast for the period you’ll be spending out? Keeping all of these things in mind, what essential equipment do you need if you plan to go camping?

A Torch for Better Illumination

There are different types of camping lighting solutions that you could go for, and having a quality Thrunite Torch to guide you can be very helpful. You can choose from an extensive range of Thrunite torches since it’s a popular brand and for a good reason. The type of torch you should pick depends on your needs. You can buy a headlamp or a handheld torch. The choice is based mostly on personal preference.

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Handheld Torch for Flexibility

Handheld lights give you the ability to use them in any direction. This is good for keeping track of your surroundings. They’re adjustable, and you can get a better look at things or use them for signalling. Plus, they can be rested on different surfaces and positioned to illuminate something.

Head-Mounted Torch for Freedom

Headlamps are attached to your head with a strap, which means that they’ll produce light from a fixed point. They need to be lightweight and reliable so they don’t fall off. It’s best to search for good reviews or respectable manufactures so you know the headlamp you’re considering is made to last. Headlamps give you the benefit of freeing up your hands. They’re practical if you need to set up a tent in the dark, read a map, or walk while carrying lots of other things. Headlamps are suitable for kids because they tend to drop things that they hold in their hands.

LED Technology

Most brands nowadays, like the Thrunite torch, make their torches using LED technology. This makes ThruNite lights durable and more effective. They’re constructed to be more resistant and not easily damaged. LEDs produce brighter light and use less power which means that the batteries will last longer. They can have disposable or rechargeable batteries, such as lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged using a USB cable. Rechargeable LED torches are probably the most cost-efficient ones in the long run. You need to decide on the lumen count and beam distance of the torch as well. The higher the numbers, the more powerful the torch will be.

A Camping Tent for Protection

Having a tent when going camping is crucial if you want to be safe from the elements and all the creepy crawlies. They provide protection against different weather conditions and flying insects, ensuring you can get a good night’s sleep no matter the wind, rain, and all kinds of flies and mosquitoes flying and buzzing above your head.

Ridge or A-frame tents are the most popular ones. They consist of two vertical poles that support a horizontal one (the ridge) that holds the stretched canvas. They can be a bit difficult to put up but when done correctly, they protect from all kinds of weather.
Dome tents are built from flexible poles that cross in the middle and make the dome. They provide more headroom compared to ridge tents, but become unstable if bigger in size.
Tunnel tents have flexible poles that aren’t crossed but are arranged in a line to create a kind of tunnel. They’re easy to put up and are pretty roomy.
There are a lot of other types of tents like a cabin, pyramid, geodesic, inflatable, etc. When choosing the ideal one, you need to take into account how many people it’s going to be used for and the type of weather it’s going to be used in.

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A Sleeping Bag for Comfort

A sleeping bag can be one of the best decisions you can make for yourself. They’ll protect you and make you feel cosy during the night, so you can fully enjoy the camping experience.

Temperature ratings are important when choosing a sleeping bag, because they tell you which climate the bag is recommended to be used in. You might want the temperature rating to be lower than the lowest temperature that’s expected because you want to feel comfortable. You can always unzip the bag in case it gets too hot.

The basic sleeping bag is rectangular with zippers on two or three sides. It should have enough room for stretching and it should be unzippable and used as blankets.

A mummy sleeping bag is more fitted to your body to help you retain warmth. It has a hood for the head and usually doesn’t unzip all the way down to your feet.

Sleeping bags can have down or synthetic insulation and they come in different outer materials and inner linings. They can have various features like zipper variations and pockets for keeping valuables.

First Aid Kit for Minor Incidents

You should be prepared for all kinds of accidents, especially if you’re going to a place that’s far from civilisation. While you might not be able to deal with bigger injuries, you should at least be able to treat minor accidents. Cuts can become infected, even small ones, so it’s necessary to have an antiseptic and bandages. Tweezers, scissors, and painkillers are also a must. Sunscreen and insect repellents can protect you against sunburn and bug bites, and if the area has snakes, be sure to have a snake bite kit as well.

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Other Essentials When Going Camping

  • Fire Starters – Is camping really camping without a fire? I personally don’t think so. Make sure you have matches, a cigarette lighter, or other fire starters so you can light up the fire quickly. You might want to take some kindling for starting a fire, like newspapers, because finding dry sticks isn’t always possible
  • Water Supply – You don’t want to be left without fresh water to drink, so always pack as much as you can. A water filter or purifier is a good thing to have if you need to refill water from a stream
  • Appropriate Clothing – You don’t want to spend your days in wet or sweaty clothing, so pack a few pieces of clothing and a light, waterproof jacket to keep you dry in the rain.
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